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What We're Pinning: 008

October 03, 2016

It’s been awhile since we have posted a “What We’re Pinning” post.  Sorry to have not been up to date and all, but with our new website and re-brand launch, along with a new product line coming out this winter (which we are SOOO excited about) we have been pre-occupied, to say the least!
So here ya go folks!

We’re loving the fall colors that are coming in, and all the textures, such as wood and paper!  So time to close your outdoor umbrella’s, and buy a fabulous new jacket.  Or how about bringing some midnight navy blue in your home?  And we love a good layered art look.  And a fabulous powder blue antique door with a pop of red orange on top?  If this isn’t inspiring to you then we can’t help ya!
Happy Pinning Friends!