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Latest Creation : Villa Coco | A Bali Home

July 31, 2016

Late last year we were approached by a really sweet couple in the throws of building their first family home. The home was well underway construction wise, but it was clear that they were in need of some assistance in guiding them through such a large project.
They just had their first baby and now they were building their first home. A big undertaking to say the least. The architecture of the home is very modern and to accommodate the busy life of a young family with a baby months away from being able to walk and run right into danger, we made a few tweaks.


We dove in head first and developed a design concept within the first few weeks so we could nail down the look and feel and overall design direction. Lucky for us they loved everything we came up with so there was no time wasted in getting things moving as they were intent on moving in by the end of April.


We came up with a modern, eclectic concept with some ethnic accents to reflect their Bali life and travel all over Indonesia.  And of course we infused some California cool as we couldn’t help ourselves 

The project was fast paced with a few road blocks along the way but the clients were easy going, which made the design process enjoyable. We had a few fun excursions sourcing Indonesian antiques, textiles and accessories that complimented the modern architecture, adding warmth and interest. We called upon our various local carpenters to create some of the bigger pieces, custom designed for the space.


We brought in one of our local artists to do some hand painted designs on a few of the walls. In the powder bathroom, for example, we wanted this room to be the “Jungle Luxe” room. With a vibrant rice paddy view and a large planter box inside the bathroom we decided to bring the outside in and to paint the walls with a palm leaf design. To add the luxe component we chose marble for the counter top and the rest was brass. Brass sink, brass faucet, brass framed mirror, brass light fixture and brass accessories. The result is definitely a conversation piece for when they throw a dinner party.


With an open plan living, dining and kitchen we put a lot of attention into every piece selected and or made as it needed to feel cohesive, cozy yet sophisticated and at the same time relaxed. We’re very happy with the result.


In four months time, with a great team on board including the clients who took part in every detail and were on site daily, sometimes a few times a day, we managed to get them moved into their beautiful new home on time and with big smiles.  Mission accomplished.


Enjoy the rest of the tour!