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Featured Artist : Lauren Williams of Boho by Lauren

July 18, 2016


We were fortunate enough to ask this fabulous artist a few questions about herself and her process.  Here is what she had to say…


Sisters:  Where are you from?
Lauren:  Born in West Texas, raised in Dallas.  Moved to Los Angeles after school.


Sisters:  Where are you living these days?
Lauren:  After getting married and having our first baby in LA, we decided to move to Dallas. We have been in Dallas for the last 6 years.


Sisters:  Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Lauren:  I’m constantly inspired by nature; plants, topography, the amazing color combinations that nature provides.  I’m also inspired by interior design.  Seeing well designed spaces brings on so much creativity for me.


Sisters:  How did you learn your craft?
Lauren:  I made it up!  I love the quote, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” because it is so true for me.  I had a large blank wall in my dinning room and knew I wanted something different.  I kept staring at the wall and finally envisioned exactly what I wanted.  As a self-taught painter, I wanted and alternative to canvas art.  I ended up suspending more that 400 single fibers strands to a wooden dowel and felt that I had created a canvas but with movement.  From there I knew I wanted to add dye to deepen the texture.  I use various techniques to create abstract images with dye and the hanging fibers.  I’m learning every day how to be better and how to work with this medium.


Sisters:  When and how did you turn this into a business?
Lauren:  I come from an entrepreneurial family and as soon as I saw the reaction to my first hanging, I knew I wanted to start creating more pieces to sell.  I made my first tapestry in September 2014 and sold it within a week…It was a weekend hobby for the first year and after having our third son, I was ready to focus more on my art and how to market it.


Sisters:  Explain your process to us, if you can?
Lauren:  Constructed of more than 400 single fiber stands, every tapestry is unique from the beginning.  Once built, the modern-bohemian hanging is dip-dyed in multiple layers for a textured and inspiring addition to your wall.  Each one-of-a-kind piece is handmade by me in Dallas, Texas.

Thank you Lauren for sharing your work with us and a mini glimpse into your life and process.  You are a true inspiration to us, and we hope we spark some major inspo in our readers lives by sharing you with them.


We are excited for you and what’s to come!  Speaking of, Lauren is working on her new website, which will be launching in August.  We should all take note of this friends, and keep an eye out for what she has up her sleeves.  All we can tell you is that we are patiently waiting.  One (possibly two) of her beauties will find their way on the walls of our home.  We can promise you this!


Follow along on Laurens’ process and keep tabs on her website launch here.