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Spaces We're Loving : Diane Serra & The Tiny Spanish Bungalow

July 05, 2016

Welcome to the Tiny Spanish Bungalow.  A name coined by the creative and fabulous owner Diane Serra.  When Diane and her husband found this home they knew they had to make this +/-500 s.f. home work for them. The character and charm is what had them.   At the time, it was just the two of them (and two large dogs).  So a small patio renovation and a few cracks to fill seemed do-able.  Fast forward to now and they are proud first time, mama and papa’s.  It may be a small house, but it’s big on love.  You feel it your first step through the gate.


We enjoyed spending the afternoon with Diane and her adorable baby girl, Estel.  Who did just fine hanging out with the ladies!  She was the perfect model and we see bright things happening to this sweet lil soul.  Enough jabber about the cutest baby ever!  Let us show you this charming, Tiny Spanish Bungalow.


This fabulous turquoise gate you see, was salvaged by the creative Diane who, when was remodeling the garage into an office for her and her husband, wanted to keep the original garage doors and do something with them.  They fenced in the front patio and added part of the garage doors as the gate to create a private extension to the home.  With the house being so small they knew they wanted to spend as much time outside as possible.  It is San Diego, after all.  Check out this patio! 


Welcome inside!  Like we said, it may be small inside by the corners are stocked with story filled collectables and cozy multi-functional furniture!  Like the hidden storage in the sofa and coffee table.  They’ve curated a beautiful eclectic collection that speak personality and creativity!  A true bungalow!


Cuteness overload with this adorably designed nursery!  Fit for the princess that Estel is.  We fell in love with this cozy corner, but mainly fell in love with the sweetheart who gets to sleep here!


Diane and her husband both work from home.  As I mentioned before they converted the tiny garage into a co-working space, guest room with pull out sofa and added a sink and laundry room!  Talk about a great use of space.  It takes someone with a passion for home making that knows how to make spaces work and creatively use them.


That’s Diane for you!  She is studying interior design at the moment, going to school full time, as well as running her popular blog and wrapping up the old days of having her own purse line.  This is one creative mama bird that you will want to keep your eyes on.


In the meantime, taking a peek into her blessed home will have to do.  She has really spoken to us with her kind ways and sweet smile.  We hope to collaborate with her in the near future.


Photos by : Kim Egel


Thank you Diane, for letting us into your home.  We wish you all the love and joy in this Tiny Spanish Bungalow.


And for our readers, we hope you enjoyed this tour.