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Featured Artist : Holly Young

June 22, 2016

We’ve been stalking the talented artist, Holly Young on Instagram for some time now.  She’s a gal after our own hearts, with her abstract paintings full of colors and movement.  We’re trying to figure out how to get one of her beauties on our own walls.  If anything, we’d take just spending the day with her, thrifting, exploring architecture or chatting about mid-century design.  All things that make this women’s heart tick.  Just a few more reasons to love her.


Her artwork speaks to us, and we had to share with you.  We can’t quite figure out if it’s her color choices or the texture that’s grabbing us.  Take a look and maybe you can help us decide.


We asked Holly to share with us a little bit about herself, and here’s what she had to say:


My name is Holly, and I am an abstract artist living in Ontario Canada. My days are filled with painting in my home studio, looking for deals at consignment shops and raising two daughters age 4 and 6. I love mid century design, architecture and thrifting.


I was drawing and creating art since I can remember. My parents encouraged me to pursue my hobbies and one of the main ones was dancing. I was lucky as this allowed me to travel a lot in North America as a teenager, and I also began instructing as well.  My days were filled with decorating and styling my bookshelves with my favorite collectibles. My bedroom was tiny with a twin bed, not too much re-arranging could take place…but I tried. I would sit with my cousin for hours and draw various renderings of my dream home, those are my memories from childhood. I won the art award when I graduated high school, that really made me believe I had some talent and should go forward with art.


I graduated University with a BFA in Fine Art and then decided to go to College and study Interior Decorating.  I worked in several retail design shops throughout the years and only recently decided to make art a full time career. I’ve always wanted to share my paintings and last summer I finally got around to making a website and online shop. My husband is one of my biggest supporters, and without his help it would not have happened so quickly. Since that time I have also been writing a weekly blog to share my works in progress, inspirations, and love of interior spaces. For the past two years I have also enjoyed being a painting instructor for a local company in town. I usually teach in the evening which allows me to paint during the day while my girls are in school. I find that I have the most energy first thing in the morning.


I work with acrylic, latex and spray paint. They are not always combined, it depends what I feel like doing. My creative process in the studio is often unplanned, it’s a moment by moment evolving process. I mix a palette and the subject matter evolves. I just completed a large body of work for my first solo exhibit. Setting goals for myself and following through with them has been quite rewarding. In February our home was photographed for a house tour on Apartment Therapy,  one of my daily go to websites. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with several artists and designers I’ve met through social media, I’m excited to see where my art takes me next.
My work is full of movement, pattern, texture and color. I am influenced by moments in my daily life, a cloud in the sky, chipped paint on a building, a song playing in the background. My paintings are my interpretation of these experiences. I make art that speaks to me, I can only hope that it connects with others as well.


We had a few exchanges with Holly  online and she has melted our hearts with her kindness and amazing sense of style.  This is someone to keep your eye on, folks.  She is not only creating amazing works of art, but we also see a house tour in the future!


You can see more of Holly’s artwork, here and here.  If it’s daily inspiration you are looking for then we suggest you add her to your Instagram feed.  Thank you Holly, your work is amazing!