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Summer Trip : Our Top 6 AirBnB's Around the World

June 16, 2016

Summer is here friends, and the travel bug has got us looking for our next inspiration trip.  Where are you headed this summer?  In need of a place to stay?  In our own research we have stumbled across some fabulous AirBnB’s and whether it’s the beach calling you, the mountains or the city.  We got you covered.
Take a look and book, folks.  Happy Summer everyone!!!


Rotterdam, Netherlands.   The Cube House 
Check out the amazing architecture of this home.  If your lucky enough to book this place, we promise you will be inspired by the angled walls and clean interiors.  Close to the markets and yes, Amsterdam.  Sounds perfect to us, right?

Carlsbad, California.   TheBeach BungalowGood Vibes
This is our home town!!!  We are in love with this beach front bungalow.  And yes, you guessed it,  good vibes + hip and modern interiors.  Comes say hi to the sisters and book this cute bungalow!

Isla Mujeres, Mexico.   The Seashell House 

This gated house with private pool, will allow you to relax all summer long.  Let us warn you, you must appreciate the seashell.  This house inside and out resembles one big shell.  Maybe we’ll take up selling seashells, by the seashore.


Oxnard, CaliforniaThe Beach Lodge at Hollywood Beach

By far our best interior design award goes to, this lil A-frame vacation rental.  If you never leave the house, that’s OK!


Palma de Mallorca, Spain.  The Container Home 
Who isn’t a fan of a creative space?  If big isn’t your thing and Spain is, then this little hidden gem is the place to stay.  Full of light and close to the historic downtown of Palma. This space exudes, simple, modern, and city living.



Cape Town, South Africa.  Cozy Inner City Loft 
This loft is located in the oldest part of town and only minutes from the beach.  The funky vibes and gracious host, will have you coming back the following year, for sure!

Now, go and travel, our little Wanderlust-ers  (is that a word?)  The world is calling.