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Spaces We're Loving : Laura Browning the Artist

June 13, 2016

OK folks, so our hearts fell out when we stumbled across this mid century modern home nestled in the Bay Area, and knew immediately we had to share it with you.  This is the beautiful home of the amazing artist, Laura Browning.  We discovered Laura and her art after we were stalking another artist by the name of Holly Young.  (Don’t worry, you will learn more about Holly later this month!)  After chatting with Holly via social media, she shared with us the home of her gal pal, Laura … knowing us mid century loving sisters would fall over and die.  Twice.  And we did.  Twice.


Turns out Laura and her husband  (and the most adorable little boy) took their time finding this home and knew from the very beginning they wanted an Eichler home.  Yup, that’s right.  This home was built by Joseph Eichler in 1963.  Eichler was one of the nation’s most influential builders of modern homes during the mid 50’s through mid 60’s.  His homes are known for post-and-beam construction, floor to ceiling windows, and the atrium’s in the center of the home.  A dream come true, if you ask us.


Take a look for yourself folks.


(Insert the cutest lil boy, ever!)


Are you dying to get inside?  We know you are.  And before we do so, let us tell you that Laura re-finished all the floors by herself!  When they bought the home it was a patchwork of carpet, linoleum and VCT tiles.  Took her about 30 straight days of demo-ing, sanding, smoothing and a lot of patience.  That’s dedication, right there!  She also re-finished all the original wood paneling in the house.  This sounds like a labor of love to us.


Welcome inside.


The decor of this home stands true to the architecture and design of the 50’s and 60’s.  Laura and her family travel quite a bit and collect special items that speak to them and have placed them throughout the home.  They are also fans of doing house swaps with people from all over the world who also own mid century modern home.  Sounds dreamy!


Her home studio is where she draws a lot of inspiration for her amazing work.  Her artwork is a true reflection of her home and personal style.  We love that her pieces are simple, but complex when it comes to light and texture.  We’re saving our pennies to buy ones of these beauties!


What an amazing home to sleep in and wake up to everyday.  This family is a blessed family and we are thrilled that they allowed us to step into their home and share it with you.


We hope you enjoyed the tour as much as we did…And of course, after this, it’s going to be hard not to start researching Eichler homes for your next purchase!