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Currently Pinning : 006

June 01, 2016

Summer is here ladies and gentlemen (OK, just you ladies, who are we kidding?)…At least for us SO CAL folks!  However, the Bali Sister (Elaina) seems to always be in summer mode.  This Currently Pinning Post is clearly inspired by the summer.  It’s very evident that we are attracted to the soft sunset and beach hues that happen once spring starts to transition into summer.  Like the soft blush tones and different shades of blues/greens.  And this cactus in a brown paper bag!  Perfect for the backyard party.  This blush and gold office scene at the bottom, makes us want to get back to work…and that’s never the case.  How about these leather sandals?  Perfect for a Mexico getaway.  Or a a quick getaway to the grocery store.  Either way, we’ll be in style!  AND don’t even get us started on this wood inlay.  Eeek!  A pink mid century modern lamp for your home is the best idea EVER!  Ha, and we’re loving this bedroom scene.  Such a trendy lil spot!  Last but not least…Is there anything cuter than two small boys in a copper patina-ed soaking tub, surrounded by wall pants?  No, we don’t think so!