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Latest Creation : Street Level Handbag Showroom

February 23, 2016

When we were approached to design and create a more inviting space for the Street Level Handbag showroom located in downtown Los Angeles, excited and thrilled would be an understatement.  The already existing walls and concrete floors were a blank canvas that we became very anxious to get our hands on.  The inspiration quickly started flowing in.  The owner/founder of Street Level was more than a delight to work with and her enthusiastic personality, giggly laugh, and contagious smile made this project beyond fun!
After meeting with her and her team, we at 4 Corners decided to find our inspiration by creating a fictional character.  This character would be their “ideal” customer.  She would be the type of woman who would wear their amazing selection of handbags as an accessory to her already fabulous life.  This is where and how our inspiration was created for this space.
We would love to introduce you to Claire! She is a recent college graduate and known as a free spirit. She is now living on her own for the first time in her NY apartment.  She is a lover and collector of vintage finds.  She loves to travel the world and often finds herself in Paris, taking photos, and continuing her education of life!  A true butterfly in our eyes.


If you look closely you will see hints of travel, education, Paris, butterflies, and vintage finds.  All these elements mixed in with the beautiful handbags made for a very unique display.  The clients also needed multiple meeting places for their buyers.  Therefore, we created three different types of spaces for them to meet.  One being a casual lounge area for meetings, an informal bar top, and a more formal conference table.  This will allow their buyers to feel at home and comfortable when buying for their new retail collections.  We brought in a muralist to create some imagery on the walls, such as the handbag menu behind the bar and the freehand butterfly on the black wall which makes for a great Instagram photo!


We also custom made a unique butterfly mobile that hangs center in the showroom to draw the eye up and remind us to live a more free spirited life, like Claire.  Because the space was a large industrial warehouse, we also wanted to warm things up and create a feeling of life inside the brick walls and concrete floors.  This was the inspiration behind the faux living walls and hanging plants.  Hanging the backyard string lights also gave it a whimsical feel and really brightening things up.


Overall the space feels well lived, well-educated, and well-traveled.  Everything the client asked for and both Street Level and 4 Corners could not be happier.  We were honored to create such a space and beyond thrilled they chose us to do so.
Please head on over to our Instagram, @sistersof4corners, to participate in our Giveaway with the fabulous Street Level.  You can win one of their beautiful handbags!  Now hurry up and enter!