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How To : Indoor Plants

February 10, 2016

We are huge fans of decorating with lush, green plants inside! They instantly add dimension and life to your space, making them a great choice for a quick update. House plants tend to be low maintenance, so don’t worry if your thumb isn’t that green. Not only do plants add color to a neutral palette, but they also act as air purifiers– a total win. Below you will find our top five plants that we use in and around our own homes!


Succulents + Cacti //


Succulents are great for all lighting environments and actually appreciate the neglect we tend to give… which is great if you want to start incorporating green into your home but not sure if you can keep your new plant babies alive!
Snake Plant //


Snake Plants, or Mother in Law Tongues, have a modern vibe and also do extremely well with loving neglect! These plants can adapt to most light and are really fun to watch grow. They look great in just about any room, especially when put in a bullet planter like you see above.


Fiddle Leaf Fig //



Rubber Tree //


We love the smoother, dark leaves on these little guys. They are called Rubber Trees but when kept trimmed down they stay as cute little bushes. They do best in indirect light with occasional watering.


Hang It Up //


Hanging your favorite plants give a greenhouse vibe inside your home. We love grouping together different color succulents! Just make sure there are drainage holes on the bottom of your planters so that the soil doesn’t get too soaked and cause root rot.
Our favorite places to find plants is our local nursery, trader joe’s, and IKEA! Home Depot and Lowe’s also has great plants and has seasonal plant sales! Get to shoppin’ and air purifyin’!