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Locke Residence Fireplace Reveal

December 17, 2015





We have so many of our clients coming to us on the regular to add some custom work to their beautiful, but builder grade, model homes. This is a great example of just that! Long before TVs made their way into the home, family would gather around the fireplace. We love that this area of a home is a great way to make it a beautiful focal point.
To keep things simple and the cost down we demoed the dry walled pop-out. Then, we selected a beautiful, handmade custom tile that our client had been eyeballing for a while. A layer of beautiful tile and trim was all we needed. The cherry on top of the tile work was this solid, reclaimed mantel that we were able to hand select with our client.
To pretty this up for the holidays, we added a little something something for our client to enjoy!


Now, Christmas is the best time of year to dress your mantel!!! As you can see we had fun with this fireplace. Again, we kept it simple. Like they say, less is (usually) more. Creating a winter scape with snow and trees to match the existing decor creates a soft Christmas feel instead of your overwhelming red and green. Mixing the metallics with the wood tones help create this vibe. Then, we topped it off with the brass candle holders as well, and the soft metallic stockings were hung with care! An easy, simple and festive transformation.