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Holiday Gift Guide

December 13, 2015

Oh, the holidays! One of the few times a year where asking, or hoping, for gifts is totally acceptable. We rounded up a few of what we’re hoping is under the tree!
Susanna // 1. For our rocker chicks…I’m currently eyeing these bad gals! Obsessed and think every girl needs a shiny pair of ankle boots! 2. For our big spender, I stumbled across these jewelers on Instagram and have been stalking them daily! This ring is the best way to tell some one you love and appreciate them. 3. For the women on the go, like us Sisters, this tote will help keep your things organized! Now, if only it would keep my thoughts organized! 4.We all need power at times, right?? How adorable is this Iphone Charger! A great stocking stuffer or gift for your gal pals! 5. I just got myself a new laptop and you better believe this guy is on my list this year! Drooling!
Elaina // 6. I can’t always get what I want here in Bali. Sometimes it requires a plane ride or hitting up someone’s luggage space who is flying in. I’m running low on my signature scent and feeling anxious about it as wearing perfume is what I do everyday no matter what. This is my scent. Been moving through Fresh scents since I was in my early 20s. I seem to change every 5-7 years. I think this onemay last a bit longer. 7. I’m a huge fan of Jai Vasicek over at Ahoy Trader and his tiles make for great gifts that can fill that small little spot on the wall that needs that little something. 8. I’m a sucker for good candles. I have a sensitive sense of smell (say that ten times fast) and so when it’s a good one, it can set the mood for everything. Not only do I know the beautiful soul behind this magic but I’ve tried and tested the product and it is oh so good. I’ll have one of everything please. 9. This time of year I really start to miss home and the crisp cold air. I dream about being cold and missing my boots and sweaters. I’m obsessing over this little number soon to be on sale with my girls over at Sea and Wander. Kinda funny I dream about being cold so I can wear warm clothes to feel warmer as I sit here dripping in my own sweat from the tropical heat that is Bali right now… Doesn’t make sense! 10. I’ve always been a bit obsessed with coffee table books and I think they make for great gifts. I started following Humans of New York a while back on instagram and love all the amazing stories. A good coffee table book will interest your guests and make for some great conversation. This one is on my list for sure!
Happy shopping!! XOXO