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Ten on Ten - Susanna of 4 Corners

December 09, 2015

Wow, December 10th already!? Where has the year gone? Today is our monthly feature, Ten on Ten, which is ten photos taken on the hour on the tenth of each month. We are happy to have our very own Susanna Samaniego give us an inside look at her day!


6am.  Waking Up. I would love to tell you that I wake up and drink my water with lemon, then meditate and finish with a green juice. But the reality is I do not know how to do anything without a cup of coffee first.  My sweet man Tyler even wakes up before me and gets the pot brewing. As I stumble out of bed, no make up and ratty hair, Tyler hands me my cup and I sit on the sofa (typically with my dog Luna but she wasn’t behaving for this photo) and chat Tyler’s ear off about how I have big plans for this world and life of mine


8am. Motivation.  My cute Nikes and fabulous area rug cheering me on as I debate working out or not. If we are being honest…Some days I work out and some days, I don’t!


9am. Breakfast Time. Breakfast time before I hit the office. My new local favorite is  Better Buzz. It’s a bit trendy and I often hope I don’t run into anyone but they have GF bread and nothing makes me happier than a good avocado. Yes, that is also coffee #2.


10am.  Office Love. After breakfast I head to the office. This is when the beautiful chaos begins. I check emails, organize for the day and check in on our current projects.


11am. Sourcing. This is what I do. I find fabulous things, pick a coordinating fabric and then make it work!


12pm. Starvation.  Time to re-fuel.  A handful of our clients are in the Rancho Santa Fe and Del Sur area, therefore I find myself driving through RSF on the regular. My favorite lil cafe to stop in and have lunch is Thyme In The Ranch. Home made goodies like this Curry Ginger and Carrot soup, with a small caprese salad and yes…Coffee #3.


1pm.  More Sourcing.  Back at it! Testing driving some sofa’s. Loving this one.


2pm. I swing by the house and pick up my Luna baby for an afternoon walk of dog park run. Fur babies are the best babies. My mother wouldn’t agree with me. But Luna and Us are doing just fine!


3pm.  Back at the Office. Time to check in our concepts and looks. Re-cap and organize for the next day.


5pm.  A beach walk. To forget about the days work and reflect on the important things in life. Like, catching up on my Walking Dead episodes as soon as I get home, put my nappy Jams on and get cozy.
Good night! Thanks for following me. XO