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4 Corners X Swenyo

November 03, 2015

We were thrilled when Swenyo reached out to us to be one of four designers, picked to style a bedroom based around their products and our personal vibe. Swenyo is another awesome local company here in Southern California, their product offering is a combination of Swenyo-exclusive products designed by them as well as a hand-picked selection of curated products from a variety of brands around the world.
Swenyo gave us the challenge of mixing their modern and minimalist furnishings with a bohemian/eclectic look. The objective was to show how their unique furnishings could be used in different context or environments. Our inspiration was heavily influenced by our own bohemian style that we are known for, as well as throwing some jungalow style (yes, that’s a thing!! and it’s awesome, more on that later) in to the mix. The person who lived in this so-called “loft” of ours, Her name was Claire. This loft was located in NY. This was Claire’s first space out of college, all on her own. She is originally from California and studied photography at NYU. Now that she is on her own she wanted a space that reflected her free spirit and love of travel, and photography!
We had a blast styling this space with the help of the awesome Swenyo teamand are completely satisfied with how it turned out, a total boho loft oasis!