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Latest Creation - Swirl Boutique

Latest Creation - Swirl Boutique

June 06, 2019

Let’s face it. Shopping can be stressful at times. Typically, you’re searching for a particular item, a dress for a wedding, a suit for work, a gift for a friend or family member. When you walk into a retail store it’s important to feel welcome and comfortable. Otherwise you may not stay that long. What makes you feel comfortable in a space? Is it the flooring, are there comfortable rugs in the space? Is it the warm colors and tones of the wall paint. Is it the lighting? Is it the smell? Are candles burning or is incense freshening the air? Is it the type of product in the store? Are you surrounded by nature, flowers or plants? Is there a lot of natural sunlight? All of these things need to be considered to help make a space feel welcoming for your customers. At least these are the things we notice when we visit a space and we wanted the new Swirl Boutique to have all of these elements!

Our client Lisa, with Swirl Boutique, approached us earlier this year to help her design a new boutique location in Carlsbad! She wanted an elevated look. Something completely different than what her two current locations looked like. Her hope was to re-brand and create a more feminine look, than the signature blue that is Swirl Boutique. She presented us with inspirational images that were filled with beautiful terrazzo floors, pink lush fabrics, arched doorways and gold details. As we do with all of our clients, we gathered all of her wants and needs first and then develop a concept. A concept that would blend her vision as a boutique owner and our vision as the customer.



Lisa’s vision was completely on-point with our aesthetic. She was willing to take risks and step outside of her comfort zone to create a beautiful elegant space. Swirl Boutique became a space where Palm Springs meets Art Deco. Of course, we were immediately drawn to the all the terrazzo inspiration she presented and claimed that as the floor material. The tile we used was actually a porcelain tile mimicking a terrazzo design. A more affordable and durable option for commercial spaces. These beautiful floors drove the rest of the design. Next, this space needed depth and color. We used paint to color block the space to create intrest and we pulled  colors from the flooring and Lisa’s mood boards. A beautiful pallet of pinks, maroons and violets was born. In addition, we included a burnt orange accent color to add contrast to the space. And because we are the sisters, no project is complete without a little touch of brass and black accents! Right?

We custom designed the brass clothing racks and mirrors to mimic the color blocking design on the walls. We wanted to keep the space simple and clutter free. In addition, we wanted this space to feel clean, vibrant and youthful. You’ll notice if you are in the space that there are very few sharp corners. The curves in the doorways and color blocking on the walls, the rounded edges of the clothing racks, furniture and accessories. The rounded edges and soft details help add to the calming experience of the shop.

As you enter the space you are greeted by a custom designed vinyl on the floor that reads “BEAUTY LIES WITHIN”. This was an important element in the space because although small and almost unnoticeable it’s an inviting gesture to all who enter. Simple words of encouragement that help the customer feel comfortable in the space. As you walk further in, past the beautiful clothing racks, you’re greeted by the custom designed point of sale area with the most beautiful white onyx countertop. The famous neon Swirl signage lives inside an arched niche that’s mirrored by an arch doorway into the style lounge and dressing rooms. Arches are in right now and so architecturally pleasing, again… we couldn’t help ourselves.

As you step into the style lounge you’re greeted by two very comfortable violet velvet chairs that sit atop a burnt orange shag rug. This part of the shop screams “take a seat and stay a while”. All you need is a glass of wine and someone fanning you with a palm and you’re staying until closing. The dressing room space holds 3 large dressing rooms, each one covered with royal blue velvet curtains. Inside the dressing rooms we installed a fun wallpaper and color blocking design with a rattan mirror (duh) and a modern style brass sconce (… also duh). Selfies are highly encouraged in these dressing rooms!

Introducing the new Swirl Boutique in Carlsbad! A space to be yourself, be young, feel beautiful and discover that BEAUTY LIES WITHIN…

Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

Elaina's Favorite Item In Her Home

Elaina's Favorite Item In Her Home

May 28, 2019

As you step into Elaina’s home the smell of incense rushes over you! An inviting energy carries you in. You’re greeted by two sweet kittens and two young boys eager to say hello! Her husband Nathan in the background is serenading you with his guitar! The interior of her home is colorful and eclectic, emanating happiness! A few items stand out right away. The vintage Turkish rug in the entry and a beautiful velvet turquoise sofa that sits in her living room. Every item in her home seems to have a purpose and a story. But there’s one item that she claims is her favorite piece in the home and it’s hard to miss. It’s a beautiful Balinese tapestry that lives above the sofa in her living room! It screams life and most definitely has a story…

While I was living in Bali, managing our Bali projects, I would constantly be sourcing for our various villa projects over the course of a decade. During that time, I fell in love with some of the vintage Balinese textiles. Pieces you would find throughout the markets and small shops in Bali. I particularly loved the textiles that told a story, held history and shared a meaning. 

Within the first year living in Bali I found the most amazing textile shop in Ubud that sold antique textiles from all over Indonesia and south east Asia. The woman that ran it was the sweetest Balinese woman who knew the history and origins of every textile in the shop. During one of my early visits to her shop I discovered a gorgeous colorful piece that was indigenous to Bali and depicted a scene from the epic Hindu tale, The Mahabharata. Having studied this text while in college I was immediately drawn to it. The Balinese have such a distinct style of illustrating their Hindu mythology and it spoke to me.

I purchased the textile, framed it and hung it in one of our villa projects. As the years went on I came to realize that these particular textiles were hard to come by. They were rare, therefore all the more special. Those that knew me well knew how much I treasured these pieces of history and art. I think because of my studies and understanding the meaning behind the design, I appreciated these particular textiles and grew to cherish them. They were a special way to tie Bali’s history and roots into the villa designs that we did over the years. 

My last year living in Bali, my closest friends sourced one of these rare textiles. They had to search far and wide and talk to the right people and they found the perfect one. They framed it beautifully and gifted it to me on my birthday. It meant so much to me and it was the perfect gift. As I was preparing to leave the island, a place that had embraced me and blessed me with so much during my time living there, I carefully packed it away.

It was loaded onto a container and sent back to California where it now lives centerstage in my home. I look at it everyday and am flooded with memories of my beautiful Bali life.

Do you have a favorite item in your home? Is there a sentimental piece in your space that has a story? We would love to hear! Share your stories with us, we’re suckers for this stuff!

Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

Every Space Has A Story - Portola Paints

Every Space Has A Story - Portola Paints

May 09, 2019

Think about a space, any space. It could be in your own home or a space you remember from your travels. Picture the space in your mind. How did the energy feel in that space? What stood out to you visually? In fact, maybe you’re sitting in that space right now. THAT space has a story.

When we design a space, we think about all of the pieces in that space as a whole and how the entire space has a dialogue. Each item and finish has a purpose and one of the most important finishes in any room is paint. Whether it’s on the walls or cabinet doors, paint color is critical to any design. So many people are intimidated by paint colors mainly because there’s so many to choose from. To us that’s the beauty of paint. The more colors the better! When we choose a paint color for a space, the process is the same as choosing any other item. And not only does the color of the paint matter, but the finish of the paint matters as well. The paint color and finish in a room helps tell the story of the space.

Portola Paints, the masters of paint and some of our favorite to work with! They have designed a full spectrum of paint colors and created unique finishes that completely transform any space. We’re drawn to their Lime Wash and Roman Clay finishes as they provide an antiqued natural texture that constantly reminds us of our travels. We’ve used them in several projects and most recently our project Van De Vort and Kaito Sushi. In each project we used different colors for different reasons.


When we first conceptualized this project, we knew we wanted to create a space with old world vibes, antique accents and finishes that looked as though they had been there for years. Portola Paints, Lime Wash finish was the perfect touch. We covered the dressing rooms in Mare Island to compliment the wallpaper that lived inside. As you enter the space you’re immediately drawn to it’s richness. To us, this color and finish represents regality and wealth, perfect for a retail space, wouldn’t you say?

To modernize the space we color blocked a feature wall with Portola Paints - Lime Wash finish in some of their Roman Clay colors (finish colors can be translated to the various finishes, just talk to the friendly staff at Portola PaintsSociety, Costes and Mare Island. The pink tones help soften the space, creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for the customer!


Our project Kaito Sushi was a completely different space than Van De Vort yet Portola Paints was a perfect application in this space as well. We used Portola Paints - Lime Wash finish in Roman Clay colors Fade to Black and Nitty Gritty. We wanted the space to feel moody and masculine. In addition, we wanted the walls to look leathered and worn, as if you were stepping into a fisherman’s cave.

EVERY space has a story. These are two very different stories yet the application was the same! Portola Paints helped achieve our vision for each space and tell their story. What story is your space trying to tell you?

Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

Meet Us In Mexico

Meet Us In Mexico

May 03, 2019

We’re constantly inspired by the world around us and, in particular, Mexico. As some of you may or may not know we are of Irish and Mexican descent. That being said it’s safe to say that our heritage has influenced many of our designs. We’re suckers for an amazing decorative tile and a classic terra-cotta finish. With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner we wanted to celebrate by sharing our favorite spots in Mexico and how you can get the look in your own home!


One of our favorite cities in Mexico is Oaxaca. Known for its vibrant colored buildings, delicious food markets and unbeatable art scene. The colors of this city are so inspiring! Oaxaca undoubtedly has a soul of its own! Don’t be deceived by its size because this little city has a big heart and a huge personality!

Photos: Pinterest


Paint a door in your home a fun vibrant color.

Go bold with paint colors by accenting a wall in your living room, bathroom or bedroom.

Play with paint colors on the trim of your doors, windows or stairs.


If we were a hotel we would probably be this one. This gorgeous space is filled with stunning decorative tile everywhere you look, simple textiles, colorful accents and breathtaking views!

We love every design element in this hotel and are inspired by Hotel San Cristobal on a daily basis! Is it obvious? HA!

Photos: Hotel San Cristobal, Pinterest


You can never go wrong with a beautiful decorative tile on bathroom floors, backsplashes, fireplaces or stair risers. 

Add some clay pendant lights or rattan furniture to bring some natural elements into your space.

Accent pillows are a great way to add a pop of color to any space.

PLANTS PLANTS PLANTS - can’t go wrong with some cacti scattered throughout your space inside and out.

Decorative Tile

Pendant Lights

Accent Pillows

Terra-cotta Pots



Close your eyes and imagine yourself laying in a hammock slowly rocking back and forth. Listening to the wind flow through the palm trees outside. It’s peaceful and serene. You open your eyes and see lush greenery outside and blue skies reflecting on the pool below. This is the experience of Hotel Tiki Tiki in Tulum. The energy in this space makes you feel like you’ve walked right into a jungle paradise. The décor is simple with modern nods to classic Mexican design.

Photos: The Venue Report, Pinterest


The color blue calms the soul. Adding blue accents in your furniture or floor tile makes any space feel a bit more serene and spa like.

Low comfortable seating such as a hammock or accent chairs and stools will make the space feel more inviting.

Dark wood accents add a richness to the space.

Breeze block is a great way to divide a space inside or outside while allowing light and air to flow through. Keep in mind breeze block is best in space where you are exposed to the elements.

Yellow Vases

Accent Lounge Chairs

Woven Stool

Rattan Bar Stools

Blue Pot

Decorative Tile

We could go on and on about the inspiration we find in and throughout Mexico. But for now we hope this post inspires you to be a little bolder with color and texture in your home! Take risks but stay true to who YOU are. This is us and we are proud to celebrate and share it!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

Latest Creation - Van De Vort

Latest Creation - Van De Vort

April 24, 2019

Like many, we have a love-hate relationship with Instagram. We can’t seem to figure out the newest algorithm and the constant updates, but it’s provided us with so many great opportunities! We’ve met some amazing clients and lifelong friends through the app and that’s exactly how we met our client Andrea, the owner of our latest creation Van De Vort. When we first met in person we connected instantly! She had a clear vision of what she wanted the space to look like, which was helpful for us. She showed us her mood boards and inspiration and we were instantly hooked! We couldn’t wait to get started and dove right in!


Andrea presented us with a mood board that was filled with checkered black and white floors, columns, old painted walls, globe fixtures and lush plants in every picture. In other words, all of the old-world cafe vibes that we die for! Like us sisters, she is a huge fan of Paris, France and wanted her shop to feel as though you had walked right into a European getaway. She envisioned a space with old world charm and a feeling that the place had been around for a while. Are you hooked yet, because we were! We got started right away with a concept and instantly connected with some of our favorite vendors to collaborate with including Portola Paints, North County Tile and Stone, Stone Impressions and Arto Brick. We were met with such a good response and were lucky enough to pick and choose some amazing materials that helped build what the new Van De Vort is today!


As we began designing the space, we knew we wanted to incorporate columns somewhere significant. We also wanted to define a clear point of sales area. We decided to flank two columns next to the cash wrap and wrapped them in the Arto Brick’s Artillo Early Gray Limestone tile concrete. The finish was perfect because it provided the illusion that these columns had always been there, exactly the look we were going for! The Stone Impressions tile, The Aurum Collection, that lives in between the columns is the perfect amount of old world and glam!

Throughout the space and above the point of sale we added globe pendants with a modern twist to add to the “café” energy Europe is so well known for!

Adding archways to the dressing rooms was another way to create an old-world vibe in addition to the texture of the Portola Paint throughout. Portola Paints Roman Clay finish was perfect in this space. It has a matte, velvet finish that gives the illusion that it’s clay or a plaster finish! We did some color blocking on some feature walls to modernize the space and define certain sections of the store! Designer Tip - color blocking is a great way to make a statement in a space without spending a lot of money!

Can we talk about the wallpaper by Cole and Son, provided by Kravet? Our client has a thing for sexy leopards. I mean, what fashionista doesn’t? Andrea found this wallpaper and knew she had to incorporate it into the space. We could not have agreed more! Great minds think alike because we all agreed without a doubt that it needed to live in the dressing rooms! 


Now enter Prince Van De Vort, the shops mascot, who honestly needs his own Instagram handle. If you’ve been to this space you know who we’re talking about. He sits proudly near the cash wrap guarding his castle. Yes, it’s the fabulous cheetah statue. While Andrea was sourcing for clothing pieces in the LA fashion district, she stumbled upon an entire shop of these babies! She texted us immediately asking if she should purchase him. Without hesitation we replied… “DUH”! One of the best discoveries has become one of our favorite elements of the space!

For us, the black and white floors really make the space special! Provided by North County Tile and Stone, we laid these tiles in a diagonal format to dress up the space a little which in our opinion screams Europe! Probably our second favorite part of the space! But really, how can you choose a favorite part…?

We couldn’t design the space without a little taste of Bali! These vintage teak shelves are straight from Indonesia and their finish adds a richness to the space!

In addition, all of the clothing racks are custom made with acrylic rods and brass hardware! They bring an element of elegance to the space but are subtle enough to let the merchandise shine! 

The chandelier to us is the cherry on top! This piece was truly a labor of love. It took an entire day to put that pretty girl together, but SO worth the time and energy! She’s a beauty, isn’t she? This piece really makes the space and adds an eclectic, vintage vibe that we were all searching for in the beginning!

Swing by the new One Paseo development in Del Mar to check out this beautiful space! Be sure to take a selfie in the dressing rooms or re-apply your lipstick in one of the many vintage gold mirrors. Happy shopping! Your prince and castle await!


Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

Meet The Sisters - An Interview With Susanna

Meet The Sisters - An Interview With Susanna

April 13, 2019

It’s Susanna’s turn! Her birthday is today, April 13th! Here’s a little blast from the past with this always stylish birthday girl!

What is one of your favorite childhood memories? 

I remember one Christmas as a young girl, the night before Santa coming I realized that I forgot to put a bike on my Christmas list. So I prayed and prayed all night long that Santa would bring me a bike. When I woke and ran downstairs and saw the bike, I was blown away! Literally, shocked and so thankful. That is when I first believed in the power or prayer.

If you had to describe your childhood in one word what would you say? 


Are you named after anyone or is there a reason your parents gave you the names they did? 

Yes! I’m named after my mom Susanna. Her mom was Susanna and so on. I’m the 7th Susanna on my mom’s side.

Where did you grow up? Where was your first childhood home? 

I was born in Philly! However, we moved to Encinitas when I was around the age of two. So my first memory of my first home was in Encinitas, on Oceanview. It was my grandparents vacation home. They lived in LA, but had a vacation home in Encinitas. Eventually they retired and moved into the vacation home permanently, after we had moved out. They tackled a big renovation and for the remained of my life, my first home was now my Grandparents home. Our grandmother just recent passed away, but the house is still in the family (for now!).

Is there a habit you just can’t seem to break that you’ve had since your childhood? 

My childhood habit was biting my nails. Thank god I grew out of that. In terms of what has stuck is the fact that I hate mushrooms. I was able to get over a handful of things I disliked eating as a child, but mushrooms still gross me out to this day! Yuuuck! Not sure if that’s considered a habit, though??

Did you play any sports growing up? Which did you play and which was your favorite? 

Yes! Growing up I played soccer and basketball. As I got older in High School, it was basketball and cross country/track! I do none of that anymore! I’ve run a few marathons recently, but no more! PLEASE! Ha. 

What was the first country you ever visited and when? 

Mexico was my first country, mainly because we grew up so close to the border, and Mexico City because of family. However my first big trip, by myself, was to the Czech Republic, Prague as a student ambassador of Carlsbad in my early teens. That made me fall in love with Europe and travel!

When did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in design? 

College! My 4th year in fact. I was a theater major and by my 4th year in college I realized that I wanted to switch! It killed my parents, but I stuck around another 2 years and solely took interior design classes. I loved art and architecture, so I tried interior design 101 and was hooked. I changed my major instantly!

What would you say is your best quality and what is your biggest flaw? 

My best quality is to laugh, and have a good time. My biggest flaw is that I cuss a-lot. “Fuck” is a regular word for me. My parents are mostly proud of me, but they cringe when the F-bombs get dropped. Sorry mom and dad!

What or who inspires you?

My mom inspires me for her loyalty and compassion, My best friend Venessa for her strength, my sister for her determination, Kelly Wearslter for her design work (her work blows my mind), My husband for his clarity and calmness. I could go on and on… I’m blessed to have such inspiring family and friends.

How would others describe you? 

Ha! I would hope they would say, “ For a good time call, Sus!”

Does living in San Diego influence your work?

Yes! Love the “California Cool” that So-Cal is. You will see pop’s of this relaxed vibe in all our designs.

What does design mean to you? 

Design is: thoughtfully executed, functionality and/or thoughtfully executed expression. It’s magic when both can happen.


Love, Susanna

Love, the Sisters

Meet The Sisters - An Interview With Elaina

Meet The Sisters - An Interview With Elaina

April 04, 2019

Happy April! Did you know both sisters have birthdays this month!? Elaina’s is first on April 7th and we’re celebrating by walking down memory lane! Here’s a few things you may or may not have known about Elaina!

What is one of your favorite childhood memories? 

Playing with all of my cousins at my grandparent’s house in LA. 

If you had to describe your childhood in one word what would you say?


Are you named after anyone or is there a reason your parents gave you the names they did?

My mom always liked the name Elaine, but she said when I was born I had so much black hair on my head that she had to add an “a” on the end to add more umph! 

Where did you grow up? Where was your first childhood home?

I grew up in Carlsbad, CA. My first home was in LA then the East Coast then back to the West Coast.

Is there a habit you just can’t seem to break that you’ve had since your childhood?

I still spazz out…

Did you play any sports growing up? Which did you play and which was your favorite?

I did, I played soccer, basketball and I ran track. I loved all of them. Soccer was probably my favorite though.

What was the first country you ever visited and when? 

Mexico. My parents were taking me to Mexico City from the time I was a baby.

When did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in design? 

I believe I was in my twenties. I was working as a chief of staff for a high wealth individual and that evolved into running his private interior design firm and managing large and big budget design projects, collections etc. I was constantly designing new spaces, sourcing new things, managing projects and I loved it. I had a lot of responsibility and it taught me so much. The experience was my schooling.

What would you say is your best quality and what is your biggest flaw?

I listen to people. I try not too, but I do suffer from taking things personal, that’s probably my biggest flaw.

What or who inspires you?

Definitely my friends and my family. They inspire me all of the time!

How would others describe you?


Does living in San Diego influence your work?

At times yes. I think I’m more influenced by my time living abroad in Bali, Indonesia.

What does design mean to you?

Design is everything. It’s a feeling and a place. It’s creation in motion. It’s the intangible to the tangible

Love, Elaina

Love, the Sisters

Travel Guide - IRELAND

Travel Guide - IRELAND

March 16, 2019

As some of you may or may not know we are half Irish and half Mexican! We’ve visited both countries several times and have fallen in love with the culture of each place! In honor of St. Patrick’s day we wanted to share some of our favorite hidden gems and not so hidden gem of Ireland!

A town that no one ever talks about, when referencing Ireland is by far one of our favorites hidden gems of Ireland.

Town of Clifden

A coastal town full of painted brick buildings and delicious food. It’s easy to get lost in the history of this little town with old churches, and small family owned shops. Don’t be deceived by it’s size because this small little town has big personality. Located on the water and the sweetest lil stop you’ll make while visiting the County of Galway. A must!!!


Guys Bar - located right on Main Street. We would visit this little pub almost every night to enjoy a glass of wine and their Guys Burger, named after the owner. Look no further than this “guy”, (pardon the pun), on the menu - its loaded with goodness! And their seafood specials are to die for! The town is small so we found ourselves visiting quite often.


Sunnybank Lodge - this was one of the cutest joints we’ve ever stayed in! It’s a family owned vacation rental. (Owned by Guy’s family- Ha! We told it was a small town) They have a few separate properties but we stayed in their townhouse lodge and the accommodations were amazing! It was very close to town and we enjoyed every minute of our stay! How cute is this quaint townhouse. The charm was perfection!

Skellig Michael (day trip)

In County Kerry, is one of the most magical places on Earth. So magical that Mr. J.J. Abrams himself decided to have this Island be the backdrop of the last scene in The Force Awakens (Yes, we’re a Star Wars family.) The wonky boat ride, the wet hillside and the 600+ step hike up are all worth it. Around 600AD Skellig Michael became a haven for many Catholics whose beliefs and rights were being suppressed and soon became the home to one of the earliest monastic settlements in Ireland.

The monks that resided here led simple lives and lived in stone, beehive shaped huts. They would descend the 670 steps every morning and fish for the morning’s breakfast and the would spend the rest of the day praying, tending to their gardens and studying. Today you can visit this Island, by boat, only during the dry season, hike the steps and explore these huts. The most beautiful hike, hillsides and views you will ever see. The bird life is quite exciting too, with real life puffins! Eek! This is a must if you EVER find yourself in Ireland. A real hidden gem.

Dublin (DUH…)

Another amazing town that we loved visiting in Ireland was Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland. Not a hidden gem, but still a must! Most will fly into Dublin and while you’re there you may find yourself wrapped up in the tourist traps, but it won’t disappoint and well worth it.


The Old Library - also known as the most beautiful library in the world. It’s filled with story high oak bookshelves (LOVE), a beautiful arched ceiling design and thousands of old novels. 

Georgian Court - Known for its colorful doors, this little collection of homes is a must see in Dublin. Yellow, blue, red… there’s certainly no shortage of color here! These streets will make for the perfect Instagram shot. We promise!

Guinness Storehouse - for all you beer lovers this is the spot for you, the Guinness Storehouse! I mean come on, this is what your really going to Ireland for, right? Learn to pour a proper Guinness, watch the beer making process or a visit just to say you visited. You wont be upset about it, I promise. Touristy, but worth the stop.


The Temple Bar - this bar is an iconic site in Dublin and if you haven’t been here, you haven’t been to Dublin at all. It’s a busy spot all day, but definitely worth the visit. In fact although it’s the name of an actual bar, the Temple Bar is also a section of Dublin consisting of pubs, galleries and shops. For all you night owls this is the spot for you! Our suggestion: start at The Temple Bar! You’re on your own after that!

Happy St. Patrick’s day friends! Cheers to you and we do wish you find yourselves on the cliffs of Ireland one of these days!

Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

The Sisters Tips When Starting a Renovation

The Sisters Tips When Starting a Renovation

March 06, 2019

We’ve all had that moment. The moment you decide you want to renovate your home, but have absolutely no idea where to start. Well buckle in because the adventure is about to start here. We’ve done this a few times and have a few tips that might help you get started. The first thing to recognize is that renovation is a rollercoaster - there will be highs and there will be lows. If you’re not a big rollercoaster fan don’t worry we’ll be riding it with you with our hands up in the air, screaming and laughing until the end! Because we’ve been on this ride before we’re sharing our tips and tricks to help you navigate this new adventure! Okay hands up… let the ride begin!

Create a Road Map

Sit down and map out your vision. Literally, write it down on a sheet of paper or draw it out. Answer these questions - What is your scope of work? When do you want this completed? Physically writing all of this out will help you understand what phase of the project you are in and help you understand each step, including timelines, lead times and deadlines.

In our office we have a white board that maps out each project and what phase of the project we are in. Every week we discuss the status of each project as a team and update it accordingly. Seeing this road map visually helps us organize our priorities for the week.

Make Sure You Have a Plan

Everyone loves a plan, at least we do. Making a plan will make your life so much easier when it comes to renovating. Write it down on paper - just like your road map. In addition, make sure each of the members on your team know the plan too. That’s silly to say because it seems so obvious but things can always get lost in translation and pour communication can really f*** up a job. Communication is key in construction and design.

Commit To The Plan

This is very important for you as the client and for us as the designers. We’ll say it again, COMMIT TO THE PLAN. Know that when you start making changes it will cost you more money and more time in the end. 

Susanna’s Kitchen Renovation

Have All Materials On Site

This is something as designers that we highly suggest! We like to have everything ordered and onsite before construction starts. This makes the building and installation process so much easier. If you start ordering at the same time construction is starting, a number of things can go wrong, for example stock of an item may change or lead times may be longer than expected. Ordering everything ahead of time will alleviate stress during construction and installation! Trust us!

Phase Things Out

If you try to do everything all at once you may get overwhelmed. Many of our clients like to do their projects in phases. It’s easier financially and it allows for a less stressful process overall.

Walk The Site

This is very important! It’s so easy to just look at the plans two dimensionally on a piece of paper, but it’s so important to walk the site and the space before starting anything. Everything looks different in person! This is one of the first things we do with every client! As designers we are visual learners and this is one of the most important aspects of our job. There are so many details that go into a renovation and walking the site allows you to see the space in a three-dimensional way. In addition, verify ALL dimensions on site! The plans are never the same as the actual dimensions. We also suggest walking the site after you’ve conceptualized a design. This is a great opportunity for you to tape out all walls and large furniture pieces to help visualize the space.

Trust Your Team

This is the MOST important advice we could give you. Trust us and trust the process! We know what we are doing, we promise! This also means taking the time to choose the RIGHT team! Make sure you are comfortable with all the parties involved and let them do their job! This is our full time job and we will guide you! WE PROMISE!

Make sure throughout the entire process you ask questions. Your team is there to help you make this new adventure a little smoother and more manageable for you! And just think, when the adventure is over you’ll feel overwhelmed with joy and satisfaction… AND you’ll have a brand new space to call your own!

Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

The Sister's Interview With Stephany Erlbeck - BODY ROK

The Sister's Interview With Stephany Erlbeck - BODY ROK

February 18, 2019

This week we are interviewing one of our newest clients, Stephany with BODY ROK. BODY ROK has become on of our favorite workouts in the last few months! It is an experience that sculpts your body and elevates your metabolism levels. It involves a three-stage lighting system that guides you through the workout. There is currently one studio in San Diego, however, soon there will be a second location in the One Paseo development in Del Mar designed by yours truly!

With the NEW YEAR, and the NEW YOU we wanted to take a moment to interview the amazing woman behind it all! Stephany is so inspiring and we are excited to share her story with you! She explains her journey as a business owner, single mom and health guru! 

How did you come to own a BODY ROK Studio?

I started my career in finance, but always had a passion for health, fitness and fashion. Early on, I had an entrepreneurial spirit and in my spare time I designed clothes, jewelry, developed plant-based recipes and taught group fitness classes. After years in the finance world, I decided to pursue my passion for fitness by opening BODY ROK in Encinitas, California – a Pilates and spin studio that has transformed the way people work out. I was good friends with the founders of BODY ROK and their goal was to expand BODY ROK in San Francisco and other larger cities and I had agreed to franchise and grow BODY ROK in San Diego. I also added a small boutique to the studio with a selection of active wear brands that are a unique studio to street wear collection which will be available at the One Paseo location as well. We have some very cool brands such as Noli Yoga, Niyamasol, Alo Yoga, Spiritual Gangster, Goldsheep, Track & Bliss, and many other lines that you don’t often find elsewhere.

I’ve lived in North County for nearly 20 years where I have influenced a large following of clients and friends to transform their lives through fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle. 

Can you explain the BODY ROK workout for those who aren’t familiar?

The workout at BODY ROK is a pilates inspired, 40-50 minute, full body, strength training group class on the custom BODY ROK reformer. Each challenging class ROKs your body with a curated playlist, inspiration, motivation and the best instructors in San Diego that will help you strengthen, tone & build lean muscle. What makes this workout so special is that there is nothing else like it. The machine allows you to target smaller muscles that help build strength, lean definition and a youthful body. Because you are on a moving/spring based machine, you literally have to engage your core the entire workout and so you work those abs and obliques even when you are doing leg and upper body exercise.  People see huge results and that is what keeps people coming back! Our teaching pros guide you every step of the way with personalized attention throughout your 40-50 minute class.  

How often do you workout?

I typically take a BODY ROK class almost every day. I love the workout and the great thing about it is that you don’t get bored with it. All of our teachers come up with their own routines everyday – so unlike some group classes where they are stuck teaching the same routines for weeks or months – every day is a different routine. Plus… no other workout works as well for me, so I try to get in a BODY ROK workout 5 to 6 times a week. When I’m not working out at BODY ROK, I like to do yoga at CorePower Yoga or Yoga Six! It’s the best combination for a long and lean look to your body.

Do your kids workout with you?

Yes! My kids are all really into working out and love taking classes at the studio too. I think because they grew up around it and were exposed to it at an early age, they all are really great at pilates, spin and yoga and it’s something we all do together! I think it’s great to start kids at an early age appreciating working out and finding fun group classes that make them feel good about themselves but are also fun. It’s a lifelong gift!

How do you keep a balanced lifestyle and daily routine?

It’s not always easy. Being a single mom of 4 and a business owner, I have to be really mindful of my time and the things I choose to put my energy into.

I find that if I start my day with my typical morning routine, I tend to accomplish more. I get up and do 10 minutes of meditation. Then I write down 5 things that I absolutely, non-negotiable have to complete that day, 1 thing that I have been putting off and 1 thing that I will do for myself. Then I drink 16 ounces of lemon water, followed by 16 ounces of celery juice 30 minutes later. Then I have an all fruit smoothie for breakfast. I usually go to BODY ROK in the morning and take a class. When I stick to that routine, I feel like I have set myself up physically and mentally to be efficient, get a lot of things done and also do something for myself every day!

What motivates you?

I lost my husband 5 years ago to a heart attack and was left to raise my 4 kids on my own. THAT is what motivates me. It has been my mission to live my life in a way that shows my children, and other people that have had adversity or tragedy, that you can find strength to overcome difficulty and still have a beautiful life. I find so much motivation in watching and helping other people finding their strength and being the light for other people.

How do you challenge yourself and those around you?

There are always improvements you can make in yourself and how you live. Every month I pick one fear or limiting idea I have about myself and I attack it by going outside my comfort zone. I push myself to confront those limiting ideas or things that I’m not exactly pleased about and I try to make little changes every week. It doesn’t have to be big/huge things. For example, I don’t love cardio exercise so one month, I really focused on trying to mix up my exercise routine. Another month, I focused on my lack of organization and my propensity to put things off until the last minute. This month, I’ve focused on trying to reconnect with friends because it’s easy for me to get lost in my busy schedule with my kids and work and become a hermit!! I try to challenge others around me by leading by example. I encourage my clients and friends to challenge themselves when it comes to fitness and nutrition. For example, at the studio, we are going to do a 28 day challenge:

No animal products.

No chips or fries.

No soda.

No cakes or donuts.

No white bread.

No ice cream.

No candy.

No alcohol.

No fast food.

No cookies.

No fried food.

People love a little competition – so why not make it healthy.

What is your astrological sign?

Gemini – and I am soooo Gemini lol. My youngest recently told one of my friends that “my mom is like Buddha and then sometimes she is the devil.”

What is your favorite vegan recipe?

I have so many but one of my kids favorites is my banana, oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies:

3 ripe bananas

1 tsp vanilla extract

¼ cup barely warm coconut oil

2 cups rolled oats

2/3 cup almond flour

1/3 cup shredded and unsweetened coconut

½ cinnamon

¼ teaspoon salt

1 tsp baking powder

6-7 oz vegan choc chips

Preheat oven to 350.

In a large bowl combine the bananas, vanilla and oil. Set aside. In another bowl whisk together the oats, almond meal, shredded coconut, cinnamon and salt and baking powder. Add dry to wet ingredients and stir until combined. Fold in chocolate chips. Make dough into balls - 2 teaspoons in size and put on parchment lined baking sheet. Bake for 12-14 minutes. 

Any New Years Resolutions?

My New Years resolutions for this year are:

Hydration! - It’s easy to get so busy that you don’t have time to drink enough water! That’s why I’ve switched up my morning routine to include 16 ounces of lemon water, 16 ounces of celery juice and 16 ounces fruit smoothie. Hydration is the absolute key to good/youthful/glowy skin, healthy hair, relief of muscle pain/fatigue and better energy.

More Yoga and stretching.

More mediation.

Be more social. - I’ve gotten complacent and have used my busy schedule with kids and work as an excuse not to do things! 

Look for BODY ROK San Diego location #3! - I really would like to open another one in the Little Italy area of San Diego. I’m putting it out into the universe!

What do you want to be known for?

I want to be known as someone that lived with compassion and that helped people live healthier and happier lives. I want to help people feel good about themselves and feel healthy and youthful. The power to do that is in eating more plant based, avoiding the use of toxic products, low impact strength training and movement, meditation and limiting medications. I try to lead by example always and hope this is how I am remembered.


Coffee or Tea – Tea

Lipstick or Chapstick – Chapstick

Heels or Flats – Flats

Red Wine or White Wine – Vodka (LOL)

Beach or Mountains – Beach

Hike or Stroll – Hike

Jeans or Skirt – Jeans

Less or More – Less things… More love!

Follow Stephany on social media at @stephsfitculture, where she shares more of her everyday nutritional routines, beauty regiments and lifestyle content!

Stephany was kind enough to give us a promo code for you guys to get your first class at BODY ROK free! See below! 

Love, the Sisters

Valentines Day 2019 Gift Guide

Valentines Day 2019 Gift Guide

January 31, 2019

1) Hoop Earrings - The perfect little hoops for any occasion! 

2) Vegan Lipstick - Pucker up! You can’t go wrong with this gift, especially if your name is Bianca because that’s the name of this amazing lip color!

3) Cheetah Clutch - You’ll never leave the house without this sexy little number!

4) Leaf Supply - Keep your beautiful house plants happy with this plant supply guide! Perfect for all plant lovers!

5) Red Leopard iPhone Case - You won’t loose your phone with this baby!

6) Ryder Tote - The perfect tote for any getaway! 

7) Dream Stone Necklace - Well aren’t you dreamy! Lets face it they say… diamonds are a girls best friend. And whoever “they” are, they’re completely right! Number one gift rule:  jewelry is always a good idea!

8) Communal Coffee Gift Card - You can NOT go wrong with a coffee gift card, especially to this cute cafe! 

9) Plants - One can never have enough plants! A little air-plant is the perfect gift! All it needs a little water, sunshine and love!


Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

An Interview with our General Contractor

An Interview with our General Contractor

January 24, 2019

You’re sitting in your kitchen and the dated cabinets that are staring back at you are due for a little makeover. Maybe even new hardware and a new countertop. All of a sudden inspiration hits and visions of a beautiful new kitchen floods your mind! But where to start… well we’ve got all the answers right here!

We get asked questions all the time about where to start with new construction. Questions like, who should I talk to, what should I do first, can I afford a remodel? Well we’ve gone straight to the source, this week we sat down with our long time friend and partner Brian, a professional General Contractor and owner of Fassino Construction. He’s helped us with a lot of our projects and most recently our project Modern Farmhouse. If you’re starting construction and don’t know where to start or maybe just have some questions, KEEP READING!

How did you get into construction?

My love for architecture and building started when I was 5 years old, building “homes” in the sand box for my younger brothers. Then, around the age of 9 I discover Frank Lloyd Wright and was immediately hooked on his incredible designs, I ordered books on this work while still in grade school. After college, I went to work for several large international architectural engineering companies, but after 20 plus years working for corporate America I decided if I was going to work 7 days a week, I would prefer being my own boss. I figured there is nobody better I would rather work for than myself! 

I started Fassino Construction 16 years ago with the idea that I would build my own designs. Having my own company allowed me to fulfill my craving for touching every piece of the project from conception through turning the keys over to the owners.

What’s your specialty?

At Fassino Construction we like to say, we specialize in doing it right with extreme attention to detail and precision. As for our construction specialty, we specialize in design-builds (new home construction), full home remodels, additions, kitchen and bathroom remodels, tenant improvements/light commercial and every now and then a doggie door. Because we love what we do we don’t put boundaries on the type of work we will do, we love a good challenge!

What do you recommend the client do before starting a construction job? Any specific steps to take?

Have a clear understanding of goals.

Prioritize a list of must haves and a wish list if budget permits. 

Set a budget.

Research design ideas. Sites like Houzz, Pinterest and home improvement programs are great for ideas. 

When it comes to do doing a remodel or building a new house, check with your local planning department first or hire a specialist to do the research for you, they understand all the different departments and agencies that will have jurisdiction over your project. Even with a kitchen or bathroom remodel there are very specific code requirements, it is important to design to those requirements from the start. Working with an interior designer, architect, engineer, and general contractor from the start will not only help with understanding construction requirements but also help with related construction costs. 

Keep in mind, detail is your friend, the more you provide the contractor the better chance you will have of achieving or exceeding expectations and staying on budget. It also helps everybody involved to have the same goals. 

Any advice on developing a budget for construction cost? How do you know if you can afford a remodel or not?

A general contractor is one of your best sources for helping you develop a budget and in helping you understand what you can afford to do and how to place value on the important aspects of the project.

Too often, the general contractor is placed at the end of the cycle after the project has been designed and permitted, with the idea the owner can find a contractor that will meet their budget price. This is where the problem lies. You start looking for a contractor that tells you what you want to hear and not necessarily reality. Eventually, you will find THE contractor, however that doesn’t mean it is a good thing, it could be the start of a horror story. By focusing on cost, you start placing less weight on quality and ability to perform.   

A better approach would be to start working with a general contractor from the beginning, one that has a strong understanding for the meaning of “Value Engineering”, a solutions provider. This is critical for developing a budget for success. It also allows for complete transparency, setting goals and establishing an agreement with the contractor on a fair value for his or her Project Management services. Not only that but developing a good relationship with your contractor early on also creates a sense of ownership and pride for the contractor. They are far more likely to go above and beyond knowing they were part of the process from the beginning. It also creates mutual trust, a win-win for everyone.  

What to avoid doing or suggestions to help make living through a remodel easier?

Develop a construction plan with your contractor for phasing of work and house rule, such as, hours of work, a list of workers and their roles, where workers can park, and where materials can be stored. These simple steps will greatly help in reducing disruption in your home and life. 

When a client gets two bids and they are comparable in price? What should they then base their decision on?

Before selecting a contractor, make sure the contractor is licensed, bonded and insured. All General Contractors are required by California law to be licensed, bonded and insured.  

Getting multiple bids is a good idea as long as you provide the contractors with a very detailed scope of work. Without that, trying to compare apples to apples will be impossible. Plus, a bid doesn’t tell you equally important details such as reliability, abilities, and quality of work. Ask your contractor for references. Even better ask to see some of their past project work.

Another thing as a licensed General Contractor the State of California requires is very specific verbiage in our contracts, even specific font types and text sizes. If a bid doesn’t have that, buyer beware. A contract should spell out in detail exactly what is included in the scope of work and what is not. It should match at minimum in detail the scope of work provided.

Do you folks develop the schedule or the client? Can you give any tips or thoughts on this?

As the general contractor, we will develop the schedule with input from our clients. As for tips or thoughts…good communication is critical for setting a realistic and achievable schedule.

Any tips on staying on schedule?

Staying on schedule starts long before the project work starts. Spending time on the details during the planning stages of the project by identifying products and materials will dramatically help stay on schedule. It allows for products and materials with long order lead times to be ordered in advance and made available for installation when needed versus having to wait for them to arrive.  

Spending the time on details will also help reduce the chances for costly Change Orders. 

Tips on staying on budget?

Again, planning, details, and having all the right people on board from the start greatly helps with staying on budget. It is common for clients to hold back on the amount they can spend with hopes it will control the project bid cost, which it may, but usually it just reduces the scope of the project or eliminates options or opportunities. If you want to get the best bang for your buck it is best if the people helping design and plan your project have a clear understanding of the true budget available to work with. 

Tips on how the client can relay their ideas to you?

Put everything on the table from the very beginning. Knowing what your goals are will help us in developing a strategy throughout the project and don’t be afraid to talk about new ideas and changes you want as you see the project progress forward. It is very common to have new ideas during construction. I always say, a great project evolves during the building process. People just see things differently once work has begun versus how they imagined it or compared to the project on paper. The important part is addressing these changes as early in the process as possible. This helps with controlling cost and staying on schedule. 

Who typically buys the materials when building?

The Contractor and here is why. Gone are the days of building whatever you want as construction has become very sophisticated from just 10 - 15 years ago, especially with all the fires in recent years, along with very strict energy building codes. Construction today, requires very specific building products, products that meet these new code requirements. It is also not one size fits all anymore. For example, a different fire code requirement can apply on the same street depending if a house backs up to open space or another house or street. Contractors today, are in a lot of ways like doctors and teachers. They require continual education to keep up with all the new regulation and certification requirements.  Contractors also have suppliers that carry these specialty items, items that are not found in the big box stores, many of which only sell to licensed contractors.

As far as materials like tile, lighting, and plumbing fixtures, these items are either purchased by the contractor, designer, or customer. With today’s strict building codes, it is important that the customer consult with an expert who has knowledge of these code requirements. For example, today’s electrical codes require a certain type of motion switch, lighting fixture, and venting in bathrooms while plumbing codes requires lower water usage toilets and shower heads. Consulting with an expert can save the customer money and avoid getting stuck with materials and fixtures that cannot be installed due to these code requirements. 

Describe the value of having an interior designer on board as part of the team?

Not only is it a great idea, it is a smart idea, to have an interior designer as part of the team. They bring a wealth of knowledge, a walking product encyclopedia so to speak, with an understanding of what the current trends are and products available. Interior designers also help keep the client focused on the important issues, things that can cause construction delays. 

Now, you want to drive yourself crazy let’s talk about paint colors. You think white is white and black is black, think again. There are thousands of whites and blacks to choose from, each having just of enough in color similarities as the other and just enough differences to drive you crazy trying to pick the perfect color. This is where your interior designer is invaluable, if for your own sanity alone. They have an incredible sense for which color(s) pulls all the other pieces in the room together to create a seamless bond.

People tend to get bogged down and struggle over a single item not seeing the whole picture. An interior designer is skilled at seeing the whole picture and how each piece compliments the others creating a cohesive look that is timeless. Simply put, they just know how to make a space make you feel good.

Having an interior designer and contractor part of your project from the start just makes sense, they are the perfect flavor combination that makes a project spectacular and successful!


Now, how do you feel about that new kitchen remodel? A little more comfortable, a little more excited? When you’re ready to get the ball rolling, we’re here to help! Not only will we help you pick the perfect white paint color, but we’ll create a beautiful new space for you and your family to enjoy every day! No more dated cabinets, hardware or countertops…

Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

The Sisters Beauty Guide

The Sisters Beauty Guide

January 10, 2019

Let’s face it… we all make those resolutions to work-out more and eat healthier at the start of the new year, but what about our beauty routine? We’re switching it up this week on the blog and sharing our favorite local beauty products to get you started for the new year!

We’re not experts in this field, we’ll stick to design, however we’re digging these products! One of our favorite shops to get great health concuss products is SHOPGOOD located in North Park. She carries a number of amazing brands! We swear, just walking into her shop you feel better!

One of our favorite products is the Aether Beauty – Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette. It comes with 12 different shades and is infused with organic rose hip oil to benefit radiant looking glowing skin. The radest part is that each shade is infused with REAL Rose Quartz powder, which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and redness! Yeah you heard that right, real rose quartz! In addition, the packaging is all made of completely sustainable materials and is fully recyclable. The best part, 10% of the proceeds go to The Water Project, which provides clean drinking water across Africa. 

Shop at Shop Good

Are you like us, always searching for the perfect red lipstick? Well, we got you, this is it - Alima Pure’s – Velvet Lipstick. Made from all natural ingredients including Sea Buckthorn, which is rich in Omega 7 and hydrating, Avocado Oil that provides rich amino acid protein, vitamins and potassium. Our favorite shade is Olivia a vibrant, juicy red!

Sold at Shop Good

We love our morning coffee, however we’ve recently discovered Golden Milk Lattes, and we are obsessed! A blend of organic turmeric, black pepper and ginger combined with milk and coconut oil. This drink has so many benefits. It’s loaded with antioxidants and helps reduce inflammation and joint pain. It also boosts your immune system and eases your digestive system. We love THE NEW NEW AGE Golden Milk Powder from Shop Good. Mix it with some warm milk and it’s the perfect grab and go drink with so many benefits!

Sold at Shop Good

Raise your hand if your obsessed with podcasts. Well after listening to How I Built This Podcast with Emily Weiss from Glossier we were immediately intrigued and quickly obsessed with the brand! Emily Weiss started a beauty blog called Into the Gloss which rapidly gained an enormous following and four years later she launched her own beauty lined called Glossier. This make up brand is unlike any other. The objective of the makeup is to portray a completely natural look. Which is genius by the way! Our favorite product is The Makeup Set – a staple to your everyday makeup routine. It includes Boy Brow, Lash Stick and Cloud Paint. Made from natural ingredients, Boy Brow consists of beeswax that helps hold your hair in place and a number of other natural ingredients that help nourish, moisturize and strengthen your hair fibers. Cloud Paint is another favorite and is the perfect cheek stain! It’s smooth and provides a seamless application for your cheeks, but can also be applied to your lips and eyelids - whhhaaatt!?

Shop at Glossier

It’s a new year, which means a new you. Check out these amazing products and let us know what you think! 

Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

QUIZ: Which Design 4 Corners Project Style Are You?

QUIZ: Which Design 4 Corners Project Style Are You?

December 27, 2018

Holy heck, how is it the end of the year already? This past year just flew by for us! We’ve been reflecting on some of the projects that came out of this year and years past and each one is totally different than the last. Interested to see which style you relate to the most? This could set the tone for your 2019 design style!

First things first, which drink would you choose on a girl’s night out?

A. Wine

B. Hot Toddy

C. Pina Colada   

D. Espresso Marini


Which color palette below are you most drawn to?

What is your spirit animal?

A. I’m a bird

B. I’m a bear

C. I’m a monkey

D. I’m a horse


If you had to choose one, which of these plants would we find in your home?

A. A cactus

B. A stag-horn fern

C. The classic palm tree

D. A fiddle leaf fig tree


Choose a wood type:

A. White Oak

B. Maple

C. Teak

D. Walnut


You’re given a ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

A. A tropical beach

B. A cool new city

C. The jungle or rainforest

D. The mountains


Pick a shoe:

A. Flats

B. Sneakers

C. Flip Flops

D. Boots


When I have a free moment to myself, I like to:

A. Spend time at the beach

B. Cook and create new recipes in the kitchen.

C. Go on a hike and explore.

D. Sit down and read a book.


Finish this sentence: I love the smell of __________

A. The ocean

B. Freshly baked cookies

C. Burning incense

D. A bonfire



If you answered “A” for most of your answers you relate most to our California Cool project. You love the beach and can’t be too far away from it. You enjoy the feeling of your toes in the sand and the warmth of the sun on your skin. You’re the hostess with the mostest and enjoy entertaining. You’re easy going and love spending time with family and friends!

If you answered “B” for most of your answers you relate most to our European Getaway project. This project undoubtedly reflects our love for Europe. The eclectic culture, the beautiful buildings and the history. If you relate most to this project you’re an adventurous soul. You love to learn and try new things. You’re spontaneous and enjoy the company of others. You love road trips no matter where the destination.

If you answered “C” for most of you answers you relate most to our Bali Villa projects. These projects have a special place in our hearts. They are different and each one has a different personality. Each one has lots of color and vibrancy. You too are a colorful soul. You crave adventure and travel, but you also love community and connecting with others. You’re creative and others are inspired by you!

If you answered “D” for most of your answers you relate most to our Modern Farmhouse project. This was one of our favorite projects this year. Simple, yet sophisticated. You enjoy spending most of your time with family. You like the comfort of your own home and on a Sunday afternoon we can find you curled up on the couch reading your favorite novel with a fresh cup of tea.


Happy New Year!

Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

The Sisters Guide to a Stress Free Holiday

The Sisters Guide to a Stress Free Holiday

December 21, 2018

The smell of fresh Christmas trees, the twinkle of holiday lights, the warmth of fire at your feet next to the fireplace… there is so much to love about the holiday season but with it comes a lot of stress and planning. Stress that makes you want to rip all of your hair out. We get it! We feel that stress!

During the holidays there’s so much going on, especially in our family and we are so busy trying to take care of others that our own health gets put on the back burner. The to do list gets longer and the days shorter, it gets harder and harder to take a moment for yourself. But it’s so important. Slow down and breathe. Take a moment to take care of yourself and prioritize.

Don’t do it. Don’t pull all that beautiful hair out! We got you! We’ve put together a little guide that helps us live a stress free holiday! 

Meal Prep

We’re big fans of meal prepping. Prepare your meals on the weekends, specifically lunches and dinners. This helps alleviate time in the morning while you’re trying to juggle getting the kids off to school and get those last minute holiday gifts. You’ll feel 100 times less stressed when you have all your meals planned out and don’t have to think about where to get lunch in the middle of the day between all the running around! Promise!

Get Your Greens

Make sure your getting the right nutrition for your body. Definitely get the burger, but make sure there’s some greens on that plate. Getting the right nutrition will give you the energy you need to get through the day and that holiday list.

Make A List

Jot down who you’ll be buying for. What you’ll be getting them. Check it off once you do so. This will help you stay organized and hopefully not forget anyone along the way! Wink Wink…

Plan Ahead

It’s easy to overlook things during the holiday season and the idea of missing a flight is making us cringe just writing this, but planning ahead will help. Trust us! Whether it’s holiday travel or hosting a holiday dinner, you will feel so much better if you plan it all out ahead of time. It doesn’t hurt to plan for the worst as well, always have a plan B. Look ahead for traffic patterns, maybe drive during the evening or fly out earlier in the day. Think about what everyone else may be doing and just do the exact opposite. Ha!

Ask For Help

It’s easy to think you can do everything yourself but asking for help will make your to do list seem more manageable. Enlist your sister, brother or a friend to help with your shopping list or gift wrapping! We can’t do everything, even though we think we can! We’re the biggest culprits of this! Make it fun! Get all your gals together with a bottle of wine and get it done together! 

Practice Self Love

This is something we truly believe in, no matter how stressed we are, no matter how long the to do list is. It’s so important to make sure you are doing things for yourself in addition to others. Take that yoga class. Use that extra time in the morning to meditate. Eat that extra cookie! Don’t feel guilty! Taking the time to care for your mind and body will help you feel more like yourself. It will also allow you to stay present while spending quality time with family and friends.


Welp that’s all folks! Disclaimer we are not experts on dealing with stress, however these are some of the things we practice that help us stay sane during the holidays. Overall make sure you’re enjoying yourself and holidays! It’s stressful no matter what. Embrace the holidays in all it’s stressful glory!

Let us know how if any of these worked for you! We’d love to hear!

Happy Holidays!

Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

December 12, 2018

1) Winter Cook Book – Warm recipes for cold nights!

2) The Carlo Mack-Speckled Fedora Hat – Naughty or Nice, I’m really hoping this hat will be under the tree this year!

3) Plant Pots – If you’re ever in a pickle for a good gift, just get her a cute vase and some flowers, trust us!

4) Herkimer Diamond “Starburst” Stud Earrings – Look-in good girl, these are the perfect addition to any holiday outfit!

5) HOMEBODY – Raise your hand if you’re a “homebody” like us! Cuddle up on the couch with this baby and get inspired to create spaces in your home you’ll never want to leave.

6) Shema Wallet + Clutch – ATTENTION! We’ve discovered the perfect catch all wallet/clutch.

7) Kingston Tasseled Mule – GOLD – Everyone will be asking you where you got your shoes at this year’s holiday party in these babies!

8) Tiled Margot Monogram Mug – I mean can a mug get any sexier? Cheers!


Happy Shopping!

Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

California Cool

California Cool

December 04, 2018

What do you think of when you think of California? What thoughts or images come to your mind? The cool blues of the Pacific Ocean? The warmth of the California sun? Soft, sandy beaches? Visions of dedicated surfers catching their early morning waves? Tall palm trees lining every street? This was the question we asked ourselves when our client, who loves everything about our beautiful golden state, asked us to renovate her home.

Our client, a rock-star mom to a beautiful three-year-old little girl with another one on the way. Her husband loves to surf, and the entire family enjoys entertaining in their beautiful Encinitas home. She and her family moved into a cookie cutter home that fit the needs of their family but failed to reflect their personalities. That’s where we come in!

Starting with the heart of the home, we redesigned her existing kitchen, removing dated dark wood cabinets and replacing them with beautiful white wood cabinets. We added a gorgeous marble backsplash behind and a custom hood to match. We designed a new island, pantry and dry bar to complete a space that would become the centerpiece of her home!

Next, we tackled her main living area, which we believe coined the title #projectcaliforniacool. Here we removed the same dark wood media center cabinetry and replaced it with a custom designed white wood built-in, complete with shiplap details and open wood shelving. In the same room we added a white-washed brick wall behind her couch. Adding this detail in addition to some small accessories gave this room new life.

One of the biggest transformations to this home was in her sitting room. We moved an entire fireplace! That’s right people a fireplace - “It would look so much better if it was on this wall”, we all whispered to ourselves during a programing meeting. Well this tedious task turned out to be one of our favorite spaces in the home. By relocating the fireplace to another wall it transformed the flow throughout the home. Where the fireplace used to live, we replaced it with large sliding glass doors that opened up into her pool area. The fireplace was relocated to her back wall, designed with the same backsplash as the wet bar and beautiful wood accents and shiplap details from the living room.

Small changes here and there throughout the home made our client feel like it was a space custom designed for her and her family. Now when we ask you the question what do you think of when you think of California, what will you say?


Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

Real Wood vs. Porcelain Wood Tile

Real Wood vs. Porcelain Wood Tile

November 29, 2018

So it’s time to rip up that nasty carpet.  First, high-fives all around because you don’t have time for that carpet life.  Now, you’re in a conundrum- real wood floors or porcelain wood tile? Religious followers of @ihavethisthingwithfloors understands how big of a decision this is.  Consider this your cheat sheet as we take you through the ughs and ahhs of both options.

Real Wood

The Ahhs of Real Wood -

Aesthetically pleasing


Natural variation in each plank of wood

Improves your home’s value, if and/or when you want to sell


More comfortable to walk on

Hardwood is warmer on your feet versus tile, especially noticeable in colder climate areas

The Ughs of Real Wood -

Can easily scratch, dent, warp, crack and chip over time and under the stress of traffic, pets and messes

Needs to be refinished and resealed every couple of years

Not easy to replace or repair after damages

Not eco-friendly


Porcelain Wood Tiles

The Ahhs of Porcelain Wood Tile -

Can withstand damages such as scratches and dents

Waterproof and hold up great in high moisture areas such as bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements

Can be applied to any application


Inexpensive/Cost Effective

The Ughs of Porcelain Wood Tile –

Expensive installation  

Trendy and may go out of style

Tile is tough, but can still crack or chip

Can be slippery when wet

Loud acoustics- since tile reflects sound, it’s naturally louder. Rugs can help alleviate this issue.

Harder to walk on

Tile can be colder on your feet and this may be uncomfortable in colder climate areas

Once you have a good idea of what option will work best for you, now you need to figure out where to get your flooring.  We got you.

Real Wood Floor Retailers:

Cali Bamboo


Porcelain Tile Retailers:

Arizona Tile


Suggested Cleaning Products:

Bona – Tile Floor Cleaner

Bona – Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Myers – Clean Day

If you’re still scratching your head, we can help with the most beautiful and affloordable option.  Yup. We went there. BUT if you really want to know our opinion real wood all the way!


Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

Our Bali Trip

Our Bali Trip

November 08, 2018

Imagine this with us for a second. We’ve just arrived in Bali, we take our first steps out of the airport after a 24-hour flight. It’s a beautiful, warm, sunny afternoon in Bali, but our cloudy minds think its’ midnight the day before. Mopeds and cars rush by as we make our way through the crowd to our car. We’re greeted by some old friends and their welcoming hugs ground us immediately and we forget the jet lag. Laughter and conversation fill the air.

It’s been a year since we left this beautiful island, a place Elaina and her husband called home for 10 years. A place her two sons, Hudson and Quinn grew up in, a place they took their first steps and said their first words. A place full of memories. As we begin our journey to our villa the sounds, smells and views are so familiar. Feels like home again.

During our trip, we were lucky enough to stay in the same villa Elaina called home when she lived in Bali. We’ve since gifted this villa to our dear friend Angela and her family, owners of Cleobella. It is now called the Wyldrove Villa. When Elaina moved, we helped renovate the space with a few extra little touches such as our wallpaper that hangs proudly in the guest bedroom.

Bali, a little island, known for its iconic rice paddies, beaches and beautiful temples. All the rumors are true, this little place is slice of paradise.

Our time in Bali was spent eating authentic Balinese food, exploring the jungle with old friends, and practicing yoga at one of our favorite spots, Desaseni. Most of the trip was spent visiting old vendors and supply shops and gathering inspiration for new projects.

Words and pictures do not do Bali justice. You’ll need to experience it for yourself and we hope you get the chance because this little island has a big and beautiful heart.


Love, Jess

Love, the Sisters

Our Design Process

Our Design Process

July 20, 2018

Football players need plays.  Cross-country trips need maps.  Builders need blueprints.  And the sisters… well, we need a process.  In fact, it’s so fundamental, it may as well be a part of us. 

Designing a space can be overwhelming, just like any project, but what most fail to realize is that the magic lies in the process.  The process itself is sacred.  People hire us to transform and transcend their spaces, spaces that can be so personal.  As designers we form the bridge between the clients’ desires and our creative eye.  And how do we build that bridge?



We listen.  Our process always starts and ends with the clients.  We listen to what they love and what they don’t.  We ask our clients to paint us a picture about the space we’re designing.  Are there kids running around or is it an adult only space?  How many friends come over for dinner and who’s cooking? (And also, can we come?) Are you cooking inside or grilling outside? What music is playing? Do you have pets and if so, can they chill on the furniture? Do you like a dark room in the morning or do you prefer to wake with the sun? What’s your favorite color and what’s off limits? Do you prefer form over function or function over form? This discovery, through the organic game of question and answer, is paramount to the process. But it’s just the beginning.

We learn.  Once we have an idea of what the client wants, we deep dive into the plans.  We study the architecture. We research. We navigate through books and magazines.  We drive around and study buildings. We visit a museum or a particular restaurant.  All this in the pursuit of golden nuggets, those moments of inspiration that shape the design.  These moments are the magic keys that open the door to our creative path.  Marc Jacobs noted, “Design is a series of creative choices- it’s a collaborative effort, an evolutionary process.  Through the process, you realize what you want it to be.” 

We create.  Once the ideas are in place and the design concept has been established, we have our road map. We follow the map as it guides us through sourcing, ordering, purchasing, and managing of the project.  The process is heavily peppered with site visits, correspondence with the contractors, and eventually installation. It’s pretty extraordinary, not just for our clients, but for us as well, to see everything come together.  It’s a great day when you can stand in the marvel of a vision fully realized.

Like we say, the magic is in the process… and we’re the magic-makers. Process is everything.

Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

What We're Wearing for The Fourth

What We're Wearing for The Fourth

July 03, 2018

Red, denim, hot dogs, and freedom.  That’s right…Independence Day is right around the corner.  This 4th of July we’ll be celebrating the U. S. of A. with our family and friends.  Our personal aesthetic goes beyond the interior of the homes we design; good design, afterall, is a lifestyle.  Check out how we’re rockin’ out this 4th with our personal flair.  The best part, all these gorg goods can be found locally.

This 4th, why not invite your accessories to make a statement.  Nothing says summer like bold sunnies and notable hoops.








Comfort doesn’t have to be frumpy.  Get down and boho chic at the family bbq with your best worn-in jeans and a kitten heel.






Stars, stripes, and polka dots.  Sometimes you have to mix it up.  Because YOLO.  Obviously.








Whether you decide to picnic or parade, celebrate your signature style this Independence Day…or rip a page out of our book.  And yes, have another slice of that American flag cool whip cake. 

Happy 4th of July!

Love, the Sisters

Tips When Hiring an Interior Designer

Tips When Hiring an Interior Designer

June 27, 2018

There’s that sweet spot in time when the heavens part, mercury is not in retrograde and the stars seem to align in sublime orientation that beholden the path for the perfect interior designer.

We’re kidding…well, kind of. 

Finding the right interior designer can be one of the best decisions you ever make when it comes to your home, but it’s not a cosmic challenge.  It does, however, take some research to find the perfect designer to carry out your overall vision and setting reasonable expectations, especially when it comes to cost.  Just like you wouldn’t have your podiatrist do your facelift, you wouldn’t trust just any designer to makeover your home.  Here are our best tips when considering an interior designer.



If you’ve never worked with an interior designer understand that they don’t come cheap.  But it’s all about the return on your investment and hiring the right interior designer can save you time and money in the end. Be ready to be decisive and try to define your style as much as possible.  At the very least know what you love and what you don’t. We’re pretty sure that’s how Pinterest came to be.  It’s important to realize that for any and all projects, there are hundreds of details at stake, so it’s only fair that the designer is privy to what you are expecting.


It helps to get a recommendation from someone you trust who has had a positive experience. And don’t hesitate to interview a few people or at the very least have a list of questions prepared for the designer. The relationship between a designer and client is an intimate one that requires a lot of clear communication so make sure you’re comfortable with your designer-to-be.  Trust is essential.


Interior designers have access to the universe of all that is low-end, mid range and the high-end.  If you don’t give them a number to work with, they will most likely aim for the high-end of your design wish list to complete your vision. It’s imperative for your own sanity and bank account that your designer understands what you’re willing to spend money on and where you’re willing to compromise. Designers are highly skilled and can get creative with your budget, mixing high-end with low-end. You can also consider an all in budget, budgets for each individual space, or a flexible budget that has allowances for all the moving parts. It’s worth the time to heavily consider your appropriate budget as most trustworthy designers will provide pricing on everything before anything is purchased to keep the project on track.


Like with any relationship, communication is pivotal to success. Be upfront about money, style and expectations in the very beginning and maintain those conversations throughout the process. Interior designers are not mind readers.  If you’re not happy with something, tell them. If you need more information, tell them. If you want to be more involved, tell them. Good communication or the lack thereof can make or break a project.


If you are considering an interior designer, you’re already on the right path.  Our tips will help you narrow down your options and get you to swipe right on the top-notch match for you.  Happy hiring!


Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

Father's Day - Gift Guide

Father's Day - Gift Guide

June 07, 2018

The eye of the storm is that peaceful calm in the center of chaos.  That’s where you find good ol’ dad.  Dads are special like that.  Our pops is no exception.  He has inspired us in so many ways and we carry his life lessons in everything we do. “Conformity is the hobgoblin of little minds,” our father used to say. That desire to strive for authenticity and to be true to who we are is what drives our designs.

So how do we honor dad this year?  Only with local goods of course!  Let us help you with our handy Father’s Day gift guide. 

1) Brass Bottle Openers - Nothing better than pops poppin’ bottles up in here with these. Available at Design 4 Corners.

2) Swee’ Pea Bing Surfboard - Hang ten daddy-o with a Swee’ Pea surfboard. Shop the collection at BingSurfboards.

3) SUPERbrand Fin - Help the surfer dude in your life accessorize in the most righteous way.  SUPERbrand Surf Accessories is your local choice for all your dad’s quintessential needs.  Available at @allday_allgoods in Del Mar

4) Proximity Book - Surfs up - A picture says a thousand words they say - If that’s the case this book should do the trick. Shop this book and many more coffee table books in our shop at Design 4 Corners.

5) Raen Sunglasses - Retro shades, like these Raen Sunglasses, will keep dad lookin’ fresh to death. 

6) Luau Socks - Sometimes the socks make the man.  Ok, maybe not…but it doesn’t hurt.  Check out Richer Poorer socks, available at @allday_allgoods in Del Mar.

7) Evil Eye Flask - Theres nothing evil about this gift, make sure you keep an eye on it! Available at SALT Culture.

8) Havaina Sandals - Just make sure dad doesn’t wear his socks with these Havaiana sandals, also at @allday_allgoods.

9) Rustic Iron Wine Opener - You can’t wrong with a good wine opener, this one’s for all the men who believe its 5’oclock somewhere! Also available at SALT Culture.

10) Malabar Shorts (Brown) - Dad can rock these “Malabar” shorts land and sea! Shop the collection at SALT Culture.

11) Towel - This Slowtide beach towel is so divine, you’ll gift it…and then continuously borrow it. Available at @allday_allgoods.


Without dads, we wouldn’t be here.  Let’s all slow clap together and celebrate how awesome they are. Make this Father’s Day one to remember.


Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

When Two Worlds Collide

When Two Worlds Collide

May 05, 2018


“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” – Marc Jacobs

Yassss Queen!  In fact, that’s how we feel about home design.  Your personal aesthetic is a true form of self-expression.  Whether it’s the teak and copper bowl you’ve chosen to sit on your coffee table or the statement necklace draping along your décolletage, home design and fashion are one in the same.  There’s something to be said about marinating in your own sense of style.  We are taking a page from Marc’s book and showing you some home design and fashion inspiration. 


NECKLACE: DESIGN 4 CORNERS VIA KIM EGEL - Available in store at Design 4 Corners or here.






SHOES: URBAN OUTFITTERS - no longer available but these are similar (and slightly better)

Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

A Fiesta for your Taste Buds

A Fiesta for your Taste Buds

May 02, 2018

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! As San Diego natives with a Mexican background, us sisters, are obligated to know how to make a good margarita and taco. That being said we wanted to spread the wealth, or should we say tacos, by sharing some easy to make recipes for the holiday! See below for a Guilt Free Queso Dip to start, some Sweet Potato Tacos and Cucumber Margaritas to share with all your amigos on Cinco de Mayo.

Guilt Free Queso Dip (Vegan, Gluten Free)

(2 cups, soaked overnight) Raw Cashews


(1/2 tsp) Cumin

(1/2 tsp) Chili powder

(1/2 tsp) Garlic Powder

(1/2 tsp) Turmeric

(1/2 tsp) Red Chili Flakes

(1/2 tsp) Tomato (chopped)

(3 - 4 cups) Almond Milk or Coconut Milk

(1/2 tsp) Hot Sauce


1) Puree the raw cashews in a food processor until smooth and no chunks remain.

2) Add the remaining ingredients to the food processor adding almond or coconut milk as needed. The less milk the creamier the dip.

3) If you’d like it to be spicier add more hot sauce as desired.

4) Serve with chips or veggies of your choice.

Sweet Potato Tacos (Vegan, Gluten Free)

(3) Sweet Potatoes

(1 can or 3 husks) Corn

(1 can) Black Beans

Corn Tortillas


Onion (diced)


(1) Lime

(1-2) Avocado


(1 can) Chickpea

Tomato (chopped)


1) Cut up your sweet potatoes into small dice size pieces.

2) In a large pan sauté your sweet potatoes with olive oil, salt and pepper. When cooked put to the side.

3) In a large pan sauté your chickpeas in olive oil for about 10 minutes on high heat.

4) Warm up your tortillas in the oven or microwave if you like them warm. 

5) Add the remaining ingredients together for your tacos or a taco bowl! Enjoy!

Taco Dressing (Vegan, Gluten Free)

(1) Avocado

Cilantro (lightly packed)

(1 tbsp) Onion (chopped)

(1 tbsp) Lime Juice

(1/2 tsp) Sea salt

(1/2) Olive oil

(1/2 tsp) Cumin

(1/4 cup) Water


1) Add ingredients above to a blender and serve on top of your tacos or taco bowl.

Cucumber Margaritas


Margarita Mix 

(1 large cucumber) Cucumber (chopped)

(1 tbsp) Lime Juice




1) Add a large (peeled) cucumber to the blender with the lime juice, salt and 1/4 cup margarita mix.

2) Use a strainer to remove the excess pup from the cucumber juice.

3) Add cucumber juice, margarita mix and ice to a chilled glass and top it off with tequila!

4) Garish with cilantro and salt. Enjoy!

Shop our teak bowls here!

Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

Using Black and White in Your Home

Using Black and White in Your Home

April 25, 2018

The centerpiece to any great kitchen is simply the people who fill it.  When our client called for white, her favorite color, we were excited about creating a kitchen ready for her family’s most memorable moments.  Using accents of black made this design dramatic without taking away from this clean and timeless look.

Our client is a high-powered attorney with two small kids who was looking for a sacred space, a solace for her family to gather.  We removed her multi-angled, multi-height island and swapped it for a long, wide quartz counter island so she could keep her eye on her kids while she was cooking and completely transformed her outdated kitchen to a full-functioning space ready for entertaining. 

It’s important to bring elements of the outside in, starting with natural light. We converted a window to a door and added an additional door, providing sunlight and access to the yard.  Black framed and mullion doors, often called factory doors (and totally #trending right now), complimented the white space. Structurally, making these doors work was a challenge, but provided the design impact for that one-two punch, knockout kitchen.

If you look closely you will notice some architectural detail work in the cabinetry.  As designers, sometimes we delight in keeping it simple. Peppering this stark white kitchen with black accents made a big impact.   It’s an understated fabulous-ness.  White kitchen.  Black Accents.  Vibrant people.


Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

Mothers Day - Gift Guide

Mothers Day - Gift Guide

April 11, 2018

The swarm that is motherhood is notably discerned by the bundles of moments that are forever etched in heart and mind.  Like the first time I made eye contact. The first time they fell asleep and I couldn’t stop staring at them. Or the terror in giving them their first bath.



And it changes so fast. Blink speed.  Like the time I woke up to find Hudson in the kitchen sitting on the kitchen counter throwing flour and pouring oil all over the floors. Or the way Quinn would scream my name, MOMMY at the top of his lungs. The way they search for your hands or wrap them selves around your legs so tightly when we’re walking through a crowd. The way they run to you so excited and so happy to see you. Or the endless car rides when they screamed the whole ride because they hated their car seat. Or, my personal favorite, the amazing snuggles in the morning when they first wake up.   Like I said, blink speed.

It’s a long series of overlapping, jumbled moments, as my memory has been compromised with sleep deprivation and the intense focus on trying to keep them alive. Most of the time, I feel I’m on the verge of losing my mind, but just as I get close to the zenith of complete insanity, I hear their sweet voices tell me how much they love me or feel their small hands caressing my face.  And like magic, I’m transported to the basecamp of motherhood, the home of unconditional love.

Being a mother is like riding a roller coaster that never docks. It’s a tough and, at times, nauseating job. The love is so massive it can feel terrifying. Whether they’re telling you how yucky dinner tastes or they’re both screaming for different things at the same time or one is throwing up while the other is battling a high fever; the struggle is most definitely real, but nothing competes with the relentless devotion a mom has for her child. You don’t question it, ever. It’s the most natural feeling. And so you get through the sleepless nights, the thankless cooking, the throwing of food, the tantrums in the middle of a store, the projectile vomiting on the person sitting next to you on the plane, the utter fear the first time you lose sight of them in a busy place, their first cut, fall or bruise. You don’t stop. They keep you on your toes and they bring you to your knees. It’s a beautiful thing. A wonderful, scary and incredibly exhausting, majestic thing. And I love it. They are my everything.

Let’s not forget that we moms need a little celebrating now and again. I have a newfound respect for my own mother and all the mothers out there. We’re in this together. Whether you have a human baby or a furry baby, we are all devoted. And that devotion makes the world go around. So, here is a little round up of some of the things that I would get myself as a treat. Perhaps, a reminder to take care of yourself. You deserve it.



1) Engraved Necklace - Ironically this pendant is called the Quinn pendant (my son’s name) I’ve been searching for a beautiful pendant like this to engrave both my boys initials. 

2) Four Moons Spa - TREAT YO’SELF. This is our go-to-spot for any and all relaxation needs! All you mamas need to know about this place!

3) Hat - Love the color and shape of this guy. Shop the collection at one our fav shops in San Diego, Sea and Wander.

4) Wine - I’ve been wanting to try out this SECCO brand wine. It’s completely organic, chemical free, gluten free, vegan free and NO HANGOVER! Yes please!

5) Shoes - Shoes are a gals best friend, aren’t they? I just treated myself to a pair of these guys! They’ll probably never leave my side, or shall I say my feet.

6) Perfume - I use this scent on the daily! 

7) Engraved Ring - Love this ring! It matched the necklace above perfectly!

8) Amethyst Necklace - I mean can we just talk about how epic this necklace is!? This gorgeous necklace was hand made by our dear friend and local artist, Kim Egel. Amethyst has amazing healing powers and if you can’t feel it’s energy through the screen, stop by our shop to see for yourself! 

Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

How to Create Your Very Own Terrarium

How to Create Your Very Own Terrarium

April 11, 2018

Calling all our green thumb friends – we’ve got a little spring DIY project for you!

Who doesn’t love a good terrarium?   Green thumb magic is not required, just a little love.  Terrariums are the perfect way to bring a little bit of the outdoor life inside. And you know that’s our specialty.  They are super easy to make and the best part is they don’t require a whole lot of watering. Once you start you’ll want to make a million! So grab your girlfriends and bring some life into your home!

What you will need:

A terrarium or pot of your choice.

Some cute succulent or cacti plants of your choice.  Our top picks are donkey’s tail, perle von Nurnberg, and crassula baby’s necklace.  Succulents and cacti are great because they don’t require a whole lot of watering, just a lot of sunlight which we are in no shortage of here in San Diego.

Planting material such as rocks and soil.

A spoon. We just used a spoon from our kitchen to place the plants in place.

A syringe. We use this to water our plants to get directly to the roots and because our plants are so small in this case they don’t need much water.

Gloves. Potting cacti sans gloves is no bueno. We recommend nitrile coated gloves.

Colored sand (optional). This adds a little extra something to your terrarium or potted plant. You can also use small decorative rocks or moss.

Step One:

Add your base layer. This can be rocks, sand or gravel. This layer is for drainage. Depending on how big or small your container is you will want at least a half an inch to an inch of this material.

Step Two:

Add your soil. We like to use the spoon for this step. You can play around with the amount of soil here, however you want to make sure that the roots are all surrounded by soil. That is very important!

Step Three:

Add your succulents. This is the fun part! We like to make little holes in the soil before placing them. Add your plants as desired, packing the soil around them tightly. Use the gloves with cacti in this step!

Step Four:

Add your sand. This is an optional step, of course, but we like to add a little color to our terrariums. We use the spoon for this step and cover the soil with the sand.

Step Five:

Water your plant. Using the syringe, We like to take a small amount of water (again depending on your pot size) and water the base of the plant.

And voila… you’ve made your own terrarium! If you used succulents and cacti as we did, you’ll want to place your terrarium or potted plant in a very sunny place in your home or office. Succulents and cacti LOVE the sun! We like to keep ours on our desks in the office next to a window!

We hope this Spring turtorial inspires you to bring a little life into your home!

If you’re looking for some cute pots check out our Teak Bowls perfect for this little project!

A big thank you to Pigment, in North Park for all the materials you’ve seen in this tutorial including the plants, the soil, and the sand.


Happy planting!


Love, The Sisters


Love, the Sisters

Style Tips from our Local Creative Guru: Jackie Percy

Style Tips from our Local Creative Guru: Jackie Percy

March 29, 2018

Creatives make this world go round and there’s nothing we love more than highlighting our local visionaries.  Introducing the stylist herself, Jackie Percy.  Her acute fashion sense brings us to our knees and she does classic and edgy like no one else.  She is the jack of all aesthetic trades- photographer, graphic designer, jewelry designer, and stylist.  Her creativity will inspire you…seriously.

Here’s Jackie’s top 6 insights to inspire your own inner sense of style.

1. Where and how did you gather your sense of style?

It’s always evolving really. I think I’m constantly gathering inspiration from the world around me, from studying different types of art, to sculpture and film. Studying art I was always analyzing forms and colors and textures. Naturally, I grew to apply a similar curatorial eye to my style and the way I put myself together. As my style has evolved, I’ve found myself more drawn to pieces that feel classic and clean, but also have something unique and fresh about them. I try to collect pieces that aren’t solely defined by trend so they will fit within my wardrobe longer as my taste continues to evolve and change.

2. What’s your go-to piece that every woman should/needs to own?

A nicely tailored black jumpsuit. Or, a good pair of high-waisted, wide leg trousers.

3.  What tips can you offer on defining or discovering your true self or sense of style?

Listen to yourself. Pay attention to what you find yourself drawn to, what you admire, and ask yourself why you like these things. Then assess how you could apply those styles, trends or pieces to yourself. I think it’s important to keep in mind your frame and unique features and learn what styles and silhouettes compliment them best. There are styles that I love aesthetically, but just don’t work that well on my short, petite frame or don’t mix well with my blunt bob, and that’s okay.

4.  Where do you shop for clothes? What’s your favorite shop?

I love to go virtual window shopping on sites like Bona DragNeed SupplyReformation. Then, once a piece sticks in my head long enough as a special or super useful piece, I’ll pull the trigger.

5.  What color do you recommend paying attention to right now?

I’m drawn to frosty sage hues lately. I’ve always been a sucker for all shades of green.

6.  What is a must for you to have in your home? What’s your home style like?What are your favorite design mags or blogs?

My husband and I have been living in a little place that was built in the1920’s for the past eight years, so the uniqueness of the spot has lead to a simple, modern vintage sort of design style. A must for me would be bringing touches of nature into the space. Plenty of natural light and some nice greenery in clean, neutral planters or simple glass vases goes a long way. Gather Journal and Above Sea Level are my absolute favorite magazines right now. While their subject matter is more food and beverage oriented, the creative direction (especially Gather Journal) is ridiculously good.

Quick round of:

Coffee or Tea:TEA

Lipstick or chapstick: CHAPSTICK. I’m addicted.

Heels or flats: These days FLATS (even though I’m short :/ )

Red wine or white:BOTH

Beach or mountains:BEACH

Hike or stroll:HIKE

Jeans or Skirt:TROUSERS?

Less or More:LESS

Read below to hear more about Jackie’s story…

What is your skill? What were you trained in?

I got my BA in Visual Arts at UCSD. While I took classes like Drawing, Sculpture & Performance Art, the skills that I cultivated most were critical thinking, conceptualization and curation. I was really pushed to learn how to communicate ideas through a variety of mediums with consideration of how people experience artwork. It was a really interesting time of exploration for me. Over the years I have taken additional courses in jewelry design and fabrication, learning mold making and lost wax casting.

What do you do now?

I have been working in digital marketing for the last two and half years. I spend my time in graphic and web design, art direction, email marketing, and content creation.

What would you prefer to be doing?

I’ve wanted to be an illustrator since I was a child. Jewelry design and photography bring me immense joy as well, and I’m very interested in other types of design like interior and landscape design. I’m drawn to creating spaces and experiences for people. When it comes down to it, I guess I’m still trying to hone in on what I’d most prefer.

When did you feel you came in to your own? Can you explain this a bit?

In my mid-twenties I guess. I was doing more jewelry design within this period and spending a lot of time researching and exploring designers of all different mediums. It really broadened my perspective on fashion and design and helped evolve my personal style.

What’s your favorite past time?

Drawing. And jigsaw puzzles. I love jigsaw puzzles.

What’s your current obsession?

I guess cooking. I really enjoy preparing meals and utilizing our local farmer’s markets to source ingredients. Purchasing food directly from farmers and producers helps me feel a bit more grounded and connected.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

Exploring the Basque country of Spain.

We dig this blunt bob goddess.  Like really dig her.  From her earlier days serving at Tomiko’s (RIP Tomiko’s) to present day, Jackie Percy inspires us to stay curious and push our own limits of creativity.

Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

How to Stay Sane as a Working Mom

How to Stay Sane as a Working Mom

March 21, 2018

Motherhood…just when you think you figure things out, you find that there’s just more to figure out.  My biggest realization as a mother is the sanctity of centering.  The endeavor of finding balance, presence, and mindfulness is just that- an endeavor.  It takes work and practice, but when I’m not centered, I find it more difficult to be present, patient and calm with my kids.  It’s non-stop action with two little boys running around and let’s be honest, it’s exhausting. Yet, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Except, of course, to be a little less exhausted.
Self-care is essential to motherhood. My goal is to look after myself as best I can to have the strength and energy to show up everyday for my kids, my husband and my business.  Here’s how I do it:
  1. MEDITATE.  It’s the first thing I do before the sun rises and my kids wake up.  Meditation is crucial to centering.  Nope, scratch that…meditation IS centering.  Side note: getting to bed on time is essential to being able to wake up before the sun comes up.  “Early to bed, early to rise…”
  2. EXERCISE.  Ever hear the phrase “eat the frog?”  Getting the big thing out of the way first naturally elevates the rest of your day.  Exercise gives you endorphins.  Endorphins make you happy.  I don’t have time to hit the gym, so I opt to work out at home with online videos.  This too takes place before my kids wake up.
  3. CLEAN.  Metaphorically, if my house is like my brain, then a clean house means a clear mind…and clarity is sanity. I keep the house tidy during the week and I invest a few hours on the weekend to deep cleaning. However, I admit, I’m currently in the market for a regular housekeeper. After 10 years of living in Bali with amazing help, it’s the biggest treat to come home to a clean house.
  4. MEAL PREP.  It’s a pain in the ass. But nothing is more a pain in the ass than making dinner decisions for a family after a long day of making decisions at work. Sunday meal prep eliminates the daily stress of trying to figure out what to do for dinner, provides the opportunity to get creative with meals, and it frees up my weekday afternoons so I can spend more time with the kiddos.
  5. DATE.  So this working mama is dating…her husband. It’s important that we check in with each other and date night helps us remember that it really does start with us.
These are simple pillars of which I attempt to live by.  I stress “attempt,” as I’m no superhero. This is my formula. Your routine may look completely different than mine. In fact, it would be great to hear what self-care methods keep you sane. Let us know in the comments.
In that case, maybe I should add #6: KEEP LEARNING.
Love, Elaina

Love, the Sisters

Meet the Maker - Kim Egel

Meet the Maker - Kim Egel

February 27, 2018

We are thrilled to be able to showcase amazing finds and pay homage to local artists and entrepreneurs who captivate and enlighten our senses.  Beyond our artisanal home décor, we’ve sourced one of the most gifted local jewelry designers and carry her handmade, natural stone beauties in our store.  A feast for your eyes.  Your soul.  Meet the real gem, Kim Egel.


What is your skill? What were you trained in?
I earned my Masters in Clinical Psychology because I’ve always been and remain to be a huge believer in the power of self awareness.  My interest in psychology continues to help me understand my truth and allows me to help others uncover theirs.  After I was licensed as a therapist I felt a huge call toward so many untapped creative interests. I started getting involved with photography and designing t-shirts, which I sold in San Diego boutiques. Those two areas were the gateway for getting my hands involved with jewelry design.


What do you do now?
I am a licensed therapist and run a coaching business in Cardiff focused on the mind, the body, and overall wellness.  I write a blog for my coaching business and find that the concepts that I base my jewelry brand around, go eye to eye with the concepts that I base my coaching business around. They totally connect in my mind.  As a jewelry designer I use natural stones as my medium. I believe that stones carry an energy that affects wellness, can help the wearer cultivate intentions and can provide motivation for what we want to manifest.  All of these concepts synergized helped me create my brand.


What’s your current obsession?
I’m really into traveling to places where I can be active, get into the water and be surrounded with good food, kind people and interesting decor. I’m currently digging tribal electronica music after my latest trip to Tulum. (Feel free to follow my Tulum Vibes playlist on spotify to get in on some of this vibe.)


Where did you gather your sense of style?
It started off with my mom.  She would always have a red lip and everyday, without fail, was super accessorized with unique jewelry and clothes. What used to embarrass me, because some of her pieces and dress where really different then the norm is now such an inspiration. 


What’s your go-to piece that every women should/need to own?
I love my Lariat Necklace.  It can be worn at the beach or out for dinner.  I love pieces that can transition super effortlessly. 


Any tips on defining or discovering your true self or sense of style?
I think it’s important to notice the things that you gravitate towards and how they make you feel.  I’ve always thought that how you put yourself together is a powerful and creative way to express yourself.


Where do you shop for clothes?
I’m a fan of Nordstrom Rack.  I like the hunt. I also love the site Revolve. They have a huge brand selection, there shipping is super speedy and the returns are easy. I love revolve; It’s my “go to.”


What’s your home style like? What is a must for you to have in your home? What are your favorite design mags or blogs?
In terms of my home style, I went for a clean, simple and beach zen vibe when I redecorated recently.  It’s all about the theme and color palette.  With help from a friend I finally learned how to create a more cohesive space, which I’m enjoying.  For me, it’s all about creating a feeling in your home.  I think candles, tropical foliage, good tunes, dim lighting, and calm and neutral colors create the zen feeling I want at home right now. As far as design mags, I love Dwell.


Lightning Round:
Coffee or Tea: COFFEE. I’m a huge french press girl. I love the darker blends. If I’m in Cardiff and I’m feeling like something sweet,  I love grabbing a California mocha from Pipes.
Lipstick or chapstick: GLOSS. Lancome Juicy Tubes. Color: PURE or Marshmallow Electro 
Heels or flats: CUTE FLATS. Mellow heels, still comfortable, but cute.
Red wine or white: WHITE. I’m oddly, in a white wine phase right now, which is weird because I was strictly a red wine drinker for years. Currently, I’m loving a chilled buttery chardonnay. Yum.
Beach or mountains: BEACH. Blacks beach is amazing for solitude. I love Grandview in Leucadia. I have good friends that live near that break so that’s a regular beach spot for me.
Hike or stroll: HIKE. I love hiking down to Blacks Beach and getting in a solid beach run. I love cruising La Jolla Shores Beach, the cove for snorkeling and it’s beautiful to cruise around Sunset Cliffs. Running on the beaches of north county is like meditation to me, especially when it’s low tide. Total Zen.


Kim is the cat’s silky pajamas and we’re blessed to know her.  If you’re already super fans like us, her jewelry is available for purchase at our store.  Come visit us!
Love, The Sisters


Love, the Sisters

The Sisters Favorite Spots in San Diego

The Sisters Favorite Spots in San Diego

February 20, 2018

Sharing is caring.  And we care dammit.  So we’re sharing our favorite San Diego hot spots.  Who knows, you just might run into us.


Elaina’s Favorites-
Fully Loaded Micro Juicery
High fives to our new neighbor and favorite locale for cold pressed juice. These juice wonders hit it out of the park, er garden.  With 3-4 pounds of produce in each bottle, Fully Loaded is doing their damndest to keep us healthy.
This place may not be new to you, but after coming back to Cali after 10 years, this place is certainly new to me.  So I can’t go to Naples after work…but there’s always Napizza.


Susanna’s Favorites-
Lofty Coffee
Coffee shops are a dime a dozen, but Lofty makes coffee an experience.  I love the lattes with homemade almond milk and nosh on the arugula and fig salad for a delectable treat.  Ok, so the real treat is the the gluten free bread and butter.

Birds Eye Kitchen
Speaking of nosh fests, I love Bird’s Eye Kitchen.  It’s the healthiest Southeast Asian food around with organic, non-GMO ingredients.  The Mussamun Curry is my go-to favorite obsession.
Now get eatin’, shoppin’, drinkin’ friends.  And don’t forget to share with us your favorite local spots!
Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

3 Ways to Use Our Teak Bowls

3 Ways to Use Our Teak Bowls

February 15, 2018

Don’t dismiss how a beautiful bowl can uplift a table’s landscape.  In our world, the bowl has limitless design possibilities. Listen up for three ways to use our teak bowls.

1. Plant some cute succulents.  Hens-and-Chicks, Whale’s Tongue Agave, and Pincushion Cactus would look delish in our Blush Dipped Bowl.  We give it green thumbs up!

2. Accent your coffee table with one of our bowls and fill them with fragrant pomelos and blood oranges for decoration. Or use it to house your smaller items such as your remotes, they need a home too! Our Teak and Copper Bowl would be perfect.

3. Decorative bowls are great to tidy up your space and give your things a place.  Keep our Teak Bowl by your entryway on a table or console to catch keys and loose change or on your dresser to hold your statement necklaces.


We get it…bowls serve a purpose. But we encourage you to look beyond the norm and break some rules.  Our bowls make rule-breaking look pretty damn good.


Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

Gift Guide - Valentines Day

Gift Guide - Valentines Day

February 07, 2018

Love is grand, but showing your love doesn’t have to be overtly ambitious.  It’s the little things that count and small gestures can go a long way.  Whether you share those moments with your significant other or bestie, Valentine’s is a day to spread a little love. It could be as simple as a quick love note or baking some cookies.  Afterall, nothing says love like “I’m thinking of you.”
After recently opening our own brick and mortar retail shop here in Encinitas, we feel it’s important to support our local artists. The San Diego seams are busting with talented and phenomenal entrepreneurs.  Below are some of our local favs, including goodies from our shop that may inspire you to spread the love this Valentine’s Day!

  1. Rais Case – We love this company and everything they stand for! This Vida Bag is a great “look ma, no hands” gift as it can easily convert from cross body to fanny pack.  It’s perfect for carrying all those love notes.
  2. Chelsea Pots – We are head-over-bowls in love with this potter! Check out more of her custom designs or pick up one of these tea bowls for the coffee or tea drinker in your life.
  3. Often Wander – We adore this local artist in Ocean Beach. These tassel babies are perfect for the bohemian you love.
  4. Proximity Book – A great addition to any beach bungalow or coffee table! Pick up a copy for the avid surfer in your life in our shop - you can also shop this book in our shop!
  5. Cuttlefish Wall Hanging – Even walls need some amore.  These Cuttlefish Wall Hangings are one of a kind and the perfect gift for the beach babe.
  6. Kim Egel – Make Stevie Nicks shed a gypsy tear. The Agate necklace is a great gift for the healer and protector in your universe.
  7. Design 4 Corners – Your hostess with the mostest will obsess over these Shell Coasters.  Because damn you, water rings.
  8. Four Moons Spa – Everyone deserves a little R&R! Four Moons is a North County gem, and with so many treatment options, this is the perfect gift for that lover lover who needs some me time.
  9. Lofty Coffee Co. Gift Card – If you know us, you know we have an affinity for Lofty Coffee. Shop their unique coffee blends or if you can’t decide, grab a gift card!
  10. Design 4 Corners – Statement keychains.  Yes, they’re a thing. Grab a statement keychain for that special someone that’s just always on the go!


Happy Valentines Day Loves! Now go shop your little hearts out!
Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

House Clearings

House Clearings

January 18, 2018

There’s a reason we say “Happy New Year” and not “Happy Another Year.”  New- it’s such a beautiful word. The word itself carries the blessings of starting fresh.  A house clearing is a divine way to clean our slate, purify our space, and free ourselves from the negative.
What is this sorcery I speak of?  Think of your home as your computer.  After awhile your computer begins to become slow because you have too many open folders on your desktop, old programs you haven’t used in years, or photos upon photos upon photos taking up space. When you’ve had enough, you reboot, clear your “cookies,” or drop it off to the experts to clean out your hard drive.  Suddenly your computer is working with grace and the frustration is gone. Think of a house clearing like the geek squad coming in and cleaning up shop. It’s as simple as that.
If a house clearing is still over your head, ask yourself the following.  Is your home inspiring you?  Is it invoking productivity and creativity?  Is it a safe place? A place of love and nourishment?  If you can’t answer these questions with a “hell yeah,” then it’s time to get your woo woo on with your very own house clearing.  Don’t worry, the Sisters have your back.
What You Need:
  • A heat safe bowl: Pyrex or cast iron pot (our preference)
  • Isopropyl rubbing alcohol
  • Epsom salts
  • Long stemmed match or taper
How To Do It:
  • Place ¼ cup of Epsom salt in your heat safe bowl
  • Gently pour your isopropyl rubbing alcohol onto the salt.  You want your salt to be damp, not soaking wet.  If you add too much alcohol, add more salt to even out the ratio.  You are looking for a 2:1 ratio of Epsom salt to alcohol.
  • Make sure everyone at home is part of this house clearing ceremony.  There should be a clear intention to free any stagnant energy.  Ask for assistance from your guides, angels, ancestors, or God.
  • Open all your windows.  All that bad energy needs an exit route.
  • Light your long stemmed match or taper.  Touch the flame to the salt/alcohol mixture.  It will instantly ignite and burn blue with a little bit of a yellow flame.  There will be no smoke or smell.  If your salt/ alcohol mixture does not ignite, add a bit more alcohol.
  • When the salt is lit, imagine the blue flame eating up all the dense, stale, and negative energy.  Affirm that it is leaving your home.  The flame will burn as long as it needs to.
  • When the flame extinguishes itself, say a prayer of thanks to your deity of choice or spirit protector for helping you clear the energy from your home.  Ask that the energy be sent back as a source of love and forgiveness.


The results of this house clearing ceremony are immediate and powerful.  Sounds are sharper and clearer and the energy feels lighter.  Your sleep may be more restful.  You may feel more creative or productive.  You may even feel more connected to those in your home, loved ones you have lost, or the spirits around you.  You don’t have to wait for a new year to do a house clearing.  If you’re planning on moving, experiencing difficulty with family, changing careers, or when you feel stuck and stagnant, break out that heat safe bowl and get ready to start anew.
Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters

Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse

January 10, 2018

Enter Modern Farmhouse, the design trend that marries old and new, bringing warmth into dead space. Modern Farmhouse is aesthetically defined by ship lap, clean lines, a mix of rustic and industrial touches, aged brick, and soft and worn fabrics with texture that screams cozy.
For this family of 5, the carbon copy of the house next door wasn’t going to cut it.  They called on us to make this house a home and nothing says custom like gutting a new home and starting anew with a fresh, blank canvas.  (Don’t worry- all appliances were donated).  The “like a glove” barstools, rustic and worn in enough to make anyone want to take roots in the kitchen, nestle among high-end cabinetry.  We added a mud room, catch-all and command wall at the garage entry to accommodate this avant-garde family.  The staircase was re-designed, blending tile and aged wood.  The bathrooms put the luxury in functional, draped in clean lines and simple design with a slight industrial whisper.  This home was completely customized to align with the family’s needs and requests. 




Love, the Sisters


Love, the Sisters

A Year in Review: 2017

A Year in Review: 2017

January 02, 2018

As I sit here in our new office and home boutique here in the coastal city of Encinitas, curled up in a sweater and sipping a hot latte, it’s hard to imagine that less than six months ago I was packing up my villa in Bali. The villa was the genesis of my family, where my children were born and raised, where my love for design became institutionally rooted. The villa was more than a structure. It was the foundation. But life is about big moves.
Since our inception, Susanna and I worked hard at creating a presence in both California and Bali. We created a company that slowly evolved over the years weathering through the economic crisis in America in 2008, supporting each other, as I became a mother and Susanna an auntie. We carried this company of ours on our backs through so many amazing adventures and wild and scary times (and might I add, from opposite ends of the globe). I think it was our deep seeded passion and stronghold for our purpose that drove us to keep moving forward.
Looking back on 2017, we didn’t just move forward; we moved up. To see our work spread through the pages of Elle Decoration, the cover of an Indonesian Home magazine, and spliced through Conde Naste Traveller is beyond words. We completed two massive villas in Bali (The Mandala House-@themandalahouse- and Villa Coco) and a huge 5,000+ square foot Modern Farmhouse here in San Diego. Our brick and mortar boutique in Encinitas served as the icing on our proverbial cake in 2017. These projects nearly knocked the wind out of us and required a level of commitment that challenged our drive to continue, but the lessons learned will serve us forever. It’s a testament to our hard work, creative vision and pure passion for the aesthetic. And before we gear up for what 2018 has to offer we want to take a moment and just remember what this past year has taught us; it’s always worth it.  As the creative guru and entrepreneur, Dave Brown, says, you have to “love your work, work your love.”  And that’s just what we’re doing.

All this time we never stopped believing that this would all lead to something great. To say that it hasn’t been easy would be an understatement. We’re so proud of this work and so grateful that we can share it with all of you.
From our family to yours, may 2018 be bold and filled with love and beauty.
Love, The Sisters

Love, the Sisters



October 11, 2016

Upholstered headboards are making a major come back. Say goodbye to the wood framed beds.
Terra Cotta and other earthy materials like cork and brick are really hot this season. Out with the porcelain wood planks and say hello to the real stuff!
Concrete and marble accessories were hot at home this summer, but for fall you will start seeing folks bring home the clay!
And we can finally say goodby to the fiddle fig and hello olive tree!  This one we are quite happy about.  If we see another fiddle fig, we may have to retire.
Then lastly, the jewel tones always find their way into the homes at the fall/winter season.  Super juicy colors and way fun to work with!
Happy Fall our Sweet Friends!

Love, the Sisters

Arizona Tile + Design 4 Corners

Arizona Tile + Design 4 Corners

October 07, 2016

Earlier this year we partnered with Arizona Tile who is one of the leading tile, stone and granite suppliers in America.  They started in our very own home town of San Diego in 1977.  Since then they have been providing not only a top quality product but a top quality and one of a kind customer service.

Counter tops: New Carrara Quartz
Back Splash: Cotton Glossy Beveled Subway
Floors: Cementine Black + White #2 Porcelain

Love, the Sisters

What We're Pinning: 008

What We're Pinning: 008

October 03, 2016

It’s been awhile since we have posted a “What We’re Pinning” post.  Sorry to have not been up to date and all, but with our new website and re-brand launch, along with a new product line coming out this winter (which we are SOOO excited about) we have been pre-occupied, to say the least!
So here ya go folks!

We’re loving the fall colors that are coming in, and all the textures, such as wood and paper!  So time to close your outdoor umbrella’s, and buy a fabulous new jacket.  Or how about bringing some midnight navy blue in your home?  And we love a good layered art look.  And a fabulous powder blue antique door with a pop of red orange on top?  If this isn’t inspiring to you then we can’t help ya!
Happy Pinning Friends!

Love, the Sisters

2017 Color Forecast

2017 Color Forecast

September 19, 2016


We’ve been seeing a lot of blush in 2016 but in 2017 take that blush and warm it up with a bit of brown undertones.  This get us that juicy warm coral color that we are very excited to see.
And along with a warmer coral and deeper navy we’ll start seeing a Jade color pop up here and there!  We are so OK with this.  You can never go wrong with a jewel tone! Are we right?
And for some eye relief how about a soft grey, almost white.  White made a huge come back in 2016, and a true grey has been hot for some time now…But mix the two and we are going to be seeing lot’s of white with the grey undertones.
Like we said, you heard it here first.



Love, the Sisters

Featured Artist : Lauren Williams of Boho by Lauren

Featured Artist : Lauren Williams of Boho by Lauren

July 18, 2016


We were fortunate enough to ask this fabulous artist a few questions about herself and her process.  Here is what she had to say…


Sisters:  Where are you from?
Lauren:  Born in West Texas, raised in Dallas.  Moved to Los Angeles after school.


Sisters:  Where are you living these days?
Lauren:  After getting married and having our first baby in LA, we decided to move to Dallas. We have been in Dallas for the last 6 years.


Sisters:  Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Lauren:  I’m constantly inspired by nature; plants, topography, the amazing color combinations that nature provides.  I’m also inspired by interior design.  Seeing well designed spaces brings on so much creativity for me.


Sisters:  How did you learn your craft?
Lauren:  I made it up!  I love the quote, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” because it is so true for me.  I had a large blank wall in my dinning room and knew I wanted something different.  I kept staring at the wall and finally envisioned exactly what I wanted.  As a self-taught painter, I wanted and alternative to canvas art.  I ended up suspending more that 400 single fibers strands to a wooden dowel and felt that I had created a canvas but with movement.  From there I knew I wanted to add dye to deepen the texture.  I use various techniques to create abstract images with dye and the hanging fibers.  I’m learning every day how to be better and how to work with this medium.


Sisters:  When and how did you turn this into a business?
Lauren:  I come from an entrepreneurial family and as soon as I saw the reaction to my first hanging, I knew I wanted to start creating more pieces to sell.  I made my first tapestry in September 2014 and sold it within a week…It was a weekend hobby for the first year and after having our third son, I was ready to focus more on my art and how to market it.


Sisters:  Explain your process to us, if you can?
Lauren:  Constructed of more than 400 single fiber stands, every tapestry is unique from the beginning.  Once built, the modern-bohemian hanging is dip-dyed in multiple layers for a textured and inspiring addition to your wall.  Each one-of-a-kind piece is handmade by me in Dallas, Texas.

Thank you Lauren for sharing your work with us and a mini glimpse into your life and process.  You are a true inspiration to us, and we hope we spark some major inspo in our readers lives by sharing you with them.


We are excited for you and what’s to come!  Speaking of, Lauren is working on her new website, which will be launching in August.  We should all take note of this friends, and keep an eye out for what she has up her sleeves.  All we can tell you is that we are patiently waiting.  One (possibly two) of her beauties will find their way on the walls of our home.  We can promise you this!


Follow along on Laurens’ process and keep tabs on her website launch here.


Love, the Sisters

Spaces We're Loving : Diane Serra & The Tiny Spanish Bungalow

Spaces We're Loving : Diane Serra & The Tiny Spanish Bungalow

July 05, 2016

Welcome to the Tiny Spanish Bungalow.  A name coined by the creative and fabulous owner Diane Serra.  When Diane and her husband found this home they knew they had to make this +/-500 s.f. home work for them. The character and charm is what had them.   At the time, it was just the two of them (and two large dogs).  So a small patio renovation and a few cracks to fill seemed do-able.  Fast forward to now and they are proud first time, mama and papa’s.  It may be a small house, but it’s big on love.  You feel it your first step through the gate.


We enjoyed spending the afternoon with Diane and her adorable baby girl, Estel.  Who did just fine hanging out with the ladies!  She was the perfect model and we see bright things happening to this sweet lil soul.  Enough jabber about the cutest baby ever!  Let us show you this charming, Tiny Spanish Bungalow.


This fabulous turquoise gate you see, was salvaged by the creative Diane who, when was remodeling the garage into an office for her and her husband, wanted to keep the original garage doors and do something with them.  They fenced in the front patio and added part of the garage doors as the gate to create a private extension to the home.  With the house being so small they knew they wanted to spend as much time outside as possible.  It is San Diego, after all.  Check out this patio! 


Welcome inside!  Like we said, it may be small inside by the corners are stocked with story filled collectables and cozy multi-functional furniture!  Like the hidden storage in the sofa and coffee table.  They’ve curated a beautiful eclectic collection that speak personality and creativity!  A true bungalow!


Cuteness overload with this adorably designed nursery!  Fit for the princess that Estel is.  We fell in love with this cozy corner, but mainly fell in love with the sweetheart who gets to sleep here!


Diane and her husband both work from home.  As I mentioned before they converted the tiny garage into a co-working space, guest room with pull out sofa and added a sink and laundry room!  Talk about a great use of space.  It takes someone with a passion for home making that knows how to make spaces work and creatively use them.


That’s Diane for you!  She is studying interior design at the moment, going to school full time, as well as running her popular blog and wrapping up the old days of having her own purse line.  This is one creative mama bird that you will want to keep your eyes on.


In the meantime, taking a peek into her blessed home will have to do.  She has really spoken to us with her kind ways and sweet smile.  We hope to collaborate with her in the near future.


Photos by : Kim Egel


Thank you Diane, for letting us into your home.  We wish you all the love and joy in this Tiny Spanish Bungalow.


And for our readers, we hope you enjoyed this tour.

Love, the Sisters

Our Picks : Summer Must Haves

Our Picks : Summer Must Haves

June 29, 2016

##### The Atlantic Ocean  #####   Green Banana Leaf Bag
##### Amazon  #####   Ice Cream Floaties
##### Kate Spade  #####   Glass n Glitter Water Bottle
##### LB Brand  #####   Stylish Freethinker Sunglasses
##### Mara Hoffman  #####   Harvest Front Twist One-Piece
##### The Beach People  #####   The Original Round Towel
##### Sea + Wander  #####   Shirred Waist Skirt – Leopard
Happy Summer!

Love, the Sisters

Featured Artist : Holly Young

Featured Artist : Holly Young

June 22, 2016

We’ve been stalking the talented artist, Holly Young on Instagram for some time now.  She’s a gal after our own hearts, with her abstract paintings full of colors and movement.  We’re trying to figure out how to get one of her beauties on our own walls.  If anything, we’d take just spending the day with her, thrifting, exploring architecture or chatting about mid-century design.  All things that make this women’s heart tick.  Just a few more reasons to love her.


Her artwork speaks to us, and we had to share with you.  We can’t quite figure out if it’s her color choices or the texture that’s grabbing us.  Take a look and maybe you can help us decide.


We asked Holly to share with us a little bit about herself, and here’s what she had to say:


My name is Holly, and I am an abstract artist living in Ontario Canada. My days are filled with painting in my home studio, looking for deals at consignment shops and raising two daughters age 4 and 6. I love mid century design, architecture and thrifting.


I was drawing and creating art since I can remember. My parents encouraged me to pursue my hobbies and one of the main ones was dancing. I was lucky as this allowed me to travel a lot in North America as a teenager, and I also began instructing as well.  My days were filled with decorating and styling my bookshelves with my favorite collectibles. My bedroom was tiny with a twin bed, not too much re-arranging could take place…but I tried. I would sit with my cousin for hours and draw various renderings of my dream home, those are my memories from childhood. I won the art award when I graduated high school, that really made me believe I had some talent and should go forward with art.


I graduated University with a BFA in Fine Art and then decided to go to College and study Interior Decorating.  I worked in several retail design shops throughout the years and only recently decided to make art a full time career. I’ve always wanted to share my paintings and last summer I finally got around to making a website and online shop. My husband is one of my biggest supporters, and without his help it would not have happened so quickly. Since that time I have also been writing a weekly blog to share my works in progress, inspirations, and love of interior spaces. For the past two years I have also enjoyed being a painting instructor for a local company in town. I usually teach in the evening which allows me to paint during the day while my girls are in school. I find that I have the most energy first thing in the morning.


I work with acrylic, latex and spray paint. They are not always combined, it depends what I feel like doing. My creative process in the studio is often unplanned, it’s a moment by moment evolving process. I mix a palette and the subject matter evolves. I just completed a large body of work for my first solo exhibit. Setting goals for myself and following through with them has been quite rewarding. In February our home was photographed for a house tour on Apartment Therapy,  one of my daily go to websites. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with several artists and designers I’ve met through social media, I’m excited to see where my art takes me next.
My work is full of movement, pattern, texture and color. I am influenced by moments in my daily life, a cloud in the sky, chipped paint on a building, a song playing in the background. My paintings are my interpretation of these experiences. I make art that speaks to me, I can only hope that it connects with others as well.


We had a few exchanges with Holly  online and she has melted our hearts with her kindness and amazing sense of style.  This is someone to keep your eye on, folks.  She is not only creating amazing works of art, but we also see a house tour in the future!


You can see more of Holly’s artwork, here and here.  If it’s daily inspiration you are looking for then we suggest you add her to your Instagram feed.  Thank you Holly, your work is amazing!


Love, the Sisters

Summer Trip : Our Top 6 AirBnB's Around the World

Summer Trip : Our Top 6 AirBnB's Around the World

June 16, 2016

Summer is here friends, and the travel bug has got us looking for our next inspiration trip.  Where are you headed this summer?  In need of a place to stay?  In our own research we have stumbled across some fabulous AirBnB’s and whether it’s the beach calling you, the mountains or the city.  We got you covered.
Take a look and book, folks.  Happy Summer everyone!!!


Rotterdam, Netherlands.   The Cube House 
Check out the amazing architecture of this home.  If your lucky enough to book this place, we promise you will be inspired by the angled walls and clean interiors.  Close to the markets and yes, Amsterdam.  Sounds perfect to us, right?

Carlsbad, California.   TheBeach BungalowGood Vibes
This is our home town!!!  We are in love with this beach front bungalow.  And yes, you guessed it,  good vibes + hip and modern interiors.  Comes say hi to the sisters and book this cute bungalow!

Isla Mujeres, Mexico.   The Seashell House 

This gated house with private pool, will allow you to relax all summer long.  Let us warn you, you must appreciate the seashell.  This house inside and out resembles one big shell.  Maybe we’ll take up selling seashells, by the seashore.


Oxnard, CaliforniaThe Beach Lodge at Hollywood Beach

By far our best interior design award goes to, this lil A-frame vacation rental.  If you never leave the house, that’s OK!


Palma de Mallorca, Spain.  The Container Home 
Who isn’t a fan of a creative space?  If big isn’t your thing and Spain is, then this little hidden gem is the place to stay.  Full of light and close to the historic downtown of Palma. This space exudes, simple, modern, and city living.



Cape Town, South Africa.  Cozy Inner City Loft 
This loft is located in the oldest part of town and only minutes from the beach.  The funky vibes and gracious host, will have you coming back the following year, for sure!

Now, go and travel, our little Wanderlust-ers  (is that a word?)  The world is calling.

Love, the Sisters

Spaces We're Loving : Laura Browning the Artist

Spaces We're Loving : Laura Browning the Artist

June 13, 2016

OK folks, so our hearts fell out when we stumbled across this mid century modern home nestled in the Bay Area, and knew immediately we had to share it with you.  This is the beautiful home of the amazing artist, Laura Browning.  We discovered Laura and her art after we were stalking another artist by the name of Holly Young.  (Don’t worry, you will learn more about Holly later this month!)  After chatting with Holly via social media, she shared with us the home of her gal pal, Laura … knowing us mid century loving sisters would fall over and die.  Twice.  And we did.  Twice.


Turns out Laura and her husband  (and the most adorable little boy) took their time finding this home and knew from the very beginning they wanted an Eichler home.  Yup, that’s right.  This home was built by Joseph Eichler in 1963.  Eichler was one of the nation’s most influential builders of modern homes during the mid 50’s through mid 60’s.  His homes are known for post-and-beam construction, floor to ceiling windows, and the atrium’s in the center of the home.  A dream come true, if you ask us.


Take a look for yourself folks.


(Insert the cutest lil boy, ever!)


Are you dying to get inside?  We know you are.  And before we do so, let us tell you that Laura re-finished all the floors by herself!  When they bought the home it was a patchwork of carpet, linoleum and VCT tiles.  Took her about 30 straight days of demo-ing, sanding, smoothing and a lot of patience.  That’s dedication, right there!  She also re-finished all the original wood paneling in the house.  This sounds like a labor of love to us.


Welcome inside.


The decor of this home stands true to the architecture and design of the 50’s and 60’s.  Laura and her family travel quite a bit and collect special items that speak to them and have placed them throughout the home.  They are also fans of doing house swaps with people from all over the world who also own mid century modern home.  Sounds dreamy!


Her home studio is where she draws a lot of inspiration for her amazing work.  Her artwork is a true reflection of her home and personal style.  We love that her pieces are simple, but complex when it comes to light and texture.  We’re saving our pennies to buy ones of these beauties!


What an amazing home to sleep in and wake up to everyday.  This family is a blessed family and we are thrilled that they allowed us to step into their home and share it with you.


We hope you enjoyed the tour as much as we did…And of course, after this, it’s going to be hard not to start researching Eichler homes for your next purchase!

Love, the Sisters

Featured Artist : Todd Diciurcio

Featured Artist : Todd Diciurcio

May 20, 2016

Photo By: Melissa Dilger


We first met TODD DICIURCIO when he and his wife were passing through Bali visiting mutual friends a few years back.  We met this charismatic couple and we were instantly drawn to them.  Not only were they dressed to the nines in some fabulous gear, but their personalities and love for each other was attracting to say the least, and that night ended up with one too many, at last call…Or so we were told 


We quickly learned that Todd was quite the artist and had made a name for himself in the NY art scene, as well as the music and fashion world.  This is when we began following his career and our love for his spontaneous and vibrant works of art came about.


It’s an honor for us sister to introduce you to such a talent as Todd.   Todd lives a fast paced life in New York City and is often seen on the red carpet at the fashion shows, music gatherings, gala’s and charity events.  He’s kind of a big deal folks…The coolest part about him and his art is that he is known for his “Live Performance” .  Where he synchronizes his art method or art technique while a live band plays…The collaboration between artist and musician become something else.  He has worked with bands such as: The Rolling Stones, The Killers, The English Beat, Broken Social Scene, Bon Jovi and The Kings of Leon…Just to name a few.


He has collaborated with fashion house such as Rag & Bone and The GAP, he has been selected as “Artist Residence” in hot spots like, The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas and had a kitty cat named RHYTHM THE CAT who left us a while back…but based on his love for the furry guy, you would think this cat still roams the earth. RIP Rhythm.  It’s shit like this folks, that makes this human a real down to earth, rad and talented mother fucker.  Excuse the language, but there really is no better way to explain this talented human.


We asked him a few personal questions…Take a read. Take a look.


Photo By: Melissa Dilger


Photos By: John Robinson


Sisters: Give us some insight into your childhood, upbringing and when you discovered your love of art.
TODD: Creating was always a way for me to show something that felt important.  I remember the effect of television as a kid- tracing right on the screen to Michael Jackson when he performed at The Grammys, football games, Sesame Street, Kung Fu movies, The Three Stooges, cartoons, car ads…just reacting. When MTV hit,  I was still doing this.  It was like connecting to the static of the world off the static from the tv.  Music became the fuel & I was the vehicle. That energy combined with growing up bouncing from suburban to farmland Pennsylvania shaped my world quite a bit.  Dysfunctional family arrangements & the loss of my Mother to brain cancer when I was 14 launched me into my own headspace, a headspace full of freedom that craved to experience things for itself, with autonomy, abandon, & love for all adventure. That freedom certainly tuned my periphery to seek what I believed was the unexplored, the ultimate zenith of the darkest reaches, the underground.  And I was going to draw just that.


Sisters: When did you really start committing to you artwork?
TODD: I attended fine art school at Kutztown University.  This juncture found me creating & swimming in work all hours of the day & night. Sleep was just a word.  The drugs were free (or close to it) & I was deep in the exploration of mark making thru psychedelics.  So much so that I would actually choose from tens of works to turn in for final drawings, retrofitting them to the required syllabus. This was a bit toxic being that I was seemingly getting further away from what my professors wanted,  but I was way down the mineshaft by then…there was no turning back.  That said, I was hugely inspired by my professors as a result- they helped me to understand the tools needed to structure this cervasse filtering upwards into my sky- I felt reciprocated in reality, an altering that would bring great benefit to my new understanding of composition. This became my foundation.


Sisters: How would you describe your art?
TODD: It’s anybody’s observation.  I’ve heard it called post-modern expressionism. I guess my name is in that hat to some degree.  It’s just how I express myself.


Sisters: What inspires your art?
TODD: Humanity, relative synergy, infinite possibilities, music & all its incarnations, dark dreams- the ones I remember.  The rest just happens when I see, (mis)read or (mis)hear something, break it all apart, & let it come out onto the surface. 


Sisters: What medium do you use? How did you discover your love if this medium?
TODD: I’ll draw with anything that will make a mark just to see what I can get or see out of it,  what I feel from it.  Drawing is the truth. I love ink- to abandon the notion of capturing the appearance of something for the pursuit of its spirit is where my projections lie- that’s the zenith status in my book.


Sisters: Where do you currently live? Do you have a studio?
TODD: For almost 15 years now, I’ve lived & worked out my studio in Brooklyn NY with my wife Megan, who heads Entertainment PR for Tommy Hilfiger.


Sisters: What are your hobbies outside of art?
TODD: I would say traveling & Surfing are the top of that list for Megs & I- always trying to get home to the beach.  The rest of the time we’re herding two cats, Buddy Miles Davis & Ella Fitzgella. 


Sisters: Where has your artwork taken you? Shows? Buyers? Collaborations? Etc…
Collectors are what keep this ship sailing,  & most are private. Honestly, I couldn’t list one name of a supporter without 500 others coming to mind so I will say you know who you are!


Photo By: Melissa Dilger

Photo By: Ashley Costello


Thank you TODD for opening up and letting us share you with our followers.


To see more of his work you can find that here.  And for daily inspirational post you can follower him on Instagram.

Love, the Sisters

Spaces We're Loving : Jody Oliver of Indie Bungalow

Spaces We're Loving : Jody Oliver of Indie Bungalow

May 02, 2016

We have been stalking Jody Olivier of Indie Bungalow on instagram for awhile now.  It was the small glimpses of her home that we would see scrolling through her feed that got us real curious about her dwellings.  She is the owner of the etsy shop that allows you to escape to places like Africa and Asia through her hand selected textile collection, that she so lovingly turns into pillows and throws. ( Hand sewn by herself folks!!!)  Her pieces have us drooling over her daily post and home decor.
Now, we are beyond thrilled to step into her home with you.  Again, it was the sneak peeks of rich colors and textured textiles that wanted us to see more.  She has mastered the layered look and a well lived, well traveled feel.  She blends this look with a minimal/modern vibe, which is everything us Sisters love.
Take a look folks, and be ready to be amazed!


After spending the day with Jody we discovered that she was raised in Hawaii and has been living in San Diego for many years now.  She told us upon entering her house, that she was sold on buying the house after seeing the 15ft. copper front door.  She didn’t even have to go any farther.  She knew.  We don’t blame her.  The previous house had walls blocking outside views and a overgrown garden and landscape.  After removing a wall that looks out to the back yard and adding a infinity pool, where the once overgrown garden existed she discovered her own tropical oasis in the heart of Carlsbad.




Along with all the layers of juiciness we discovered that a handful of the artwork in the house was done by herself!  She is a fan of Native American art and her medium is resin!  So cool, folks!  We are in heaven at this house.  A true gem, and we were honored that she let us in and allowed us to share with all of you…


Photos By: Kelly Fondots
You can follow Jody on her popular instagram and shop her goods here.

Love, the Sisters

Travel Diaries : The Sisters Go to Paris

Travel Diaries : The Sisters Go to Paris

April 19, 2016

Is there a better place other than Paris to meet up with your sister, re-group, get inspired, and spend time with your Mom?  We don’t think so!  Paris was a slice of heaven and our words, nor our pictures will even begin to do justice for the experience, and the complete wonder that our trip was!
We all flew in at different times and met on a Tuesday at the most adorable Parisian apartment.  It was love at first sight for all of us!  The chic Parisians walking with baguettes in hands and the cold crisp air had us running out the door to go explore!  A week was just enough time to take in the sights, enjoy many glasses of Rose’, and eat more than enough of the most fabulous carbs and cheese on the planet!  And that is exactly what we did.


Our sights included places like the Notre Dame Cathedral, which is a Gothic cathedral that dates back to 12th century when construction began.  The walls are adorn with religious Icons, and columns that speak to you.  After this visit we dipped into the Saint Chapelle, Kingdom of Light which was erected in the 13th century and houses some of the worlds more profound stain glass windows.


And how could one not visit the famous Louvre???  We were warned about how overwhelming it can be and yes…true, but seeing the smirk on the Mona Lisa made the trip and crowds worth it.  If anything, at this point the jet lag was what was overwhelming!  On the other hand, in terms of museums, we all agreed the Musee d’Orsay was the best.  It was housed in the old railroad station that was built for the World Exposition in the 1900s and was laid out in such a beautiful way that made strolling in and out of the rooms seem more like a waltz dance.  This museum houses the Impressionist work such as Monet, Van Gough, Manet, and Renoir just to name a few.  Seeing their paintings inches from your face is a memory we will both hold for a long time.


With all the sightseeing and tourist hopping, we must say our favorite part was walking the streets in the different neighborhoods like the Latin Quarters and Montmarte.  This is where you could pop in and out of fashion houses and boutiques, stop at a multitude of cafes for a glass of Rose’ and a charcuterie plate while watching the Parisians walk by, speaking the most beautiful language ever.  After the cafe stops, we would walk with crepes in hand and watch the local artist draw portraits of the tourist.  Or another favorite was stumbling across the famous Shakespeare and Company bookstore.  A perfect day!


Now, it wouldn’t be Paris without a stop at the Eiffel tower.  This was a spectacular experience for all of us.  The ride up to the second level to look out over the City was a bit nerve racking.  Especially for our mother…But once up top, the view made the queasy stomach and fear of heights disappear!  After the tour of the tower and a stroll along the perimeter, we stumbled upon another cafe for yet another glass or Rose’ and crepes…The best part being, after we paid the bill it was around 8:45pm and we walked outside to see the Eiffele tower lit up…which was spectacular!  When the clock striked 9pm shortly after it began to twinkle for a good 5 minutes, with blinking lights that filled our hearts with amazement!  Again, another memory that will stay with us for a long time to come.


It was a perfect mother, daughter trip and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you a glimpse into our experience.  For those of you who haven’t been to Paris, please put it on the list.  And for those of you who have been to Paris, you must go back!


Thank you for following along with us on this adventure and we look forward to the next trip!  Bon Voyage! Au Revoir!

Love, the Sisters

Featured Artist : Marissa Quinn

Featured Artist : Marissa Quinn

April 12, 2016

I first met Marissa Quinn when she would help me at the local Anthropologie store where we often shop for accessories when needed for client installs.  She was a shop girl at the time and dressed to the nines in adorable Anthro inspired outfits.  It wasn’t until she suggested that I take a look at her artwork that I discovered she was an amazing artist.
I went home that afternoon and took a quick look, not quite ready to be blown away.  In fact, I wasn’t expecting what I saw, at all.  I saw the most passionate and expressive drawings ever.  Her pen and ink drawings are so detailed and nature inspired, that you can’t help but be blown away.


Her current fascination delves in illustrating biomimcry, which is the imitation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems. Driven to this topic through a deep love of the environment, Quinn’s delicate pen-work guides the viewer through a journey of nature’s paradox of growth through decay. She enjoys research, and is currently looking to work alongside marine biologists in the San Diego area in order to learn more about oceanic endangered species. In all her work there is consistent mysticism, which serves to connect her work to contemporary times through symbolic interpretations of current biospheric degradation.
She has since left Anthropologie, and is now a full-time artist pursuing her dreams and collaborating with some other amazing creatives.  This is someone to keep your eye on and if you are lucky enough, possibly own one of her pieces.
We would like to introduce you to Marissa Quinn.  A San Diego/LA based artist, with a free spirit vibe and sun-kissed hair.  Please enjoy her images.  You can shop them here, or for daily inspiration check her out on Instagram!

Love, the Sisters

Travel Diaries : Follow the Sisters in Paris

Travel Diaries : Follow the Sisters in Paris

April 04, 2016

Us sisters are meeting up in Paris with our mother for a mom and daughter trip!  We will both be flying in from Cali and Bali and couldn’t be more excited to reconnect and get inspired!  We haven’t seen each other for over 6 months and are way over-due for a face to face.  We work daily on projects via skype and email, however this adventure will be a trip for us to not only re-group but to explore and get inspired.  We are calling it a R&D trip!  Research and Development.  A lot is happening over at 4CORNERS and this trip will be one ingredient to some fabulous creations we cannot wait to share with you.
Follow along this next week on Instagram as we eat, explore and hunt our way through the fabulous streets of Paris!

Love, the Sisters

A Day at the Flea Market

A Day at the Flea Market

March 24, 2016

I spy with my little eye . . . This is what it’s like when we spend the day at the Flea Market.  We are huge fans of the famous Long Beach Flea Market and we decided to share  with you, a day with us looking for the perfect find!


Love, the Sisters

A Day With Actress & Singer : Daniella Monet

A Day With Actress & Singer : Daniella Monet

March 22, 2016

We were thrilled when the team over at Swenyo asked us to help style the television’s star Daniella Monet’s bedroom and office in her newly purchased LA home.  This was a marketing collaboration between Danielle and Swenyo, and they both knew they would want and need the touch of a professional designer to help assist with the over all look and vibe.
We were honored when they reach out to us.  It was a no brainer.  A day spent with a down to earth talent with incredible taste, a production team such as Swenyo, and the talented photographer Kim Marcelo is a day well spent to us!
We blended the furnishings that Swenyo provided along with a few other accessories we sourced to created a minimal, fresh and youthful bedroom + office for the actress.
Take a look!!








This collab was too much fun and we hope you enjoyed the before and after transformation!!
To see the actress herself express the love of her new space and see how the boyfriend reacted when he came home, watch this!

Love, the Sisters

Currently Pinning : 002

Currently Pinning : 002

February 10, 2016

How about a tiled floor to ceiling shower with a greenhouse vibe? Sign us up for pops of yellow and sheepskin… that room is like instant sunshine every time you walk in! We’ll take that light fixture, with this geometric piece of art, hung over a metallic sofa. Oh, and don’t forget this tropical bouquet for Valentine’s  Day (or Galentine’s Day!) this weekend.

Love, the Sisters

Will You Be My Valentine?

Will You Be My Valentine?

February 01, 2016

I know my sister Elaina isn’t the biggest fan of Valentines, and I get where she is coming from. It can be cheesy, forced and if you have no one to share it with, it can be the most depressing day of the year… Especially at our age. I mean, who are we kidding. Holla to all my single gal friends out there!
I have been blessed when it comes to Valentines day because eight years ago when I met Tyler, we accidentally fell into our tradition on Valentines day. Because of our tradition, I have grown to LOVE this holiday and in fact, look forward to it every year! We keep it simple and glutinous, no gifts exchanged! All we do is drive thru IN & OUT and order our favorite menu items (mine being a #2 animal style, protein style with well done french fries and a root beer). Then we head home to eat it on our sofa, in our pj’s and we rent a movie on Apple TV. Best day of the year by far! Now, I know we mentioned no gifts. I am okay with this, though some of you may not be. In the case you need some help in directing your men to some idea…Here are my top 3 gift ideas:


I love Anna Beck’s jewelry and I have been eyeing this simple but beautiful necklace. This is an everyday piece which us girls are always looking for. Something that will go with everything and we can keep on all year-long, no matter the occasion.
Now, I’m obsessed with my BKR bottles. I think every women needs one. The gift of hydration in style!
Lastly, I stumbled across this gal on Instagram, of course!!!! I have been eyeing one of her extremely large knit pieces for days now!!! How amazing does this blanket look? Cuddled up on the sofa with my In & Out!!!  Hmmm…maybe we WILL exchange gifts this year. Plus her styling is on point.

Love, the Sisters

Spaces We're Loving : A Fresh Family Home

Spaces We're Loving : A Fresh Family Home

January 21, 2016


Love, the Sisters

Local Loves : Ciao Bella Lashes

Local Loves : Ciao Bella Lashes

January 17, 2016

Ciao Bella Eyelashes is a boutique style Eyelash Studio in the beach town of Encinitas, California. Founded by twin sisters Amie Calico and Ali Lindgren, the small studio offers high-end eyelash extension services using only the highest quality materials and the safest methods, they help you to feel beautiful and fresh with less hassle.
Here’s a little photo diary of my amazing visit with Scottie, pictured above and amazing lash artist. We are so grateful for the opportunity to share our experiences of this cool salon!
We fell in love with Ciao Bellabecause of their amazing lash results (obviously!), cute decor, and the warmth that fills the place thanks to their lash artists. They also incorporate family and community with events and outreach, which we love. The vibes of the modern, bohemian decor gave us major heart eyes and was icing on the cake to our wonderful experience.


Before and After:


We LOVE their results. I am off to Argentina and am so happy with my lashes and even happier that I won’t have to wear make up for a week! Lashes make your life a thousand times easier, thank you Ciao Bella!!

Love, the Sisters

Currently : Pinning

Currently : Pinning

January 11, 2016

Ever get sucked in to the Pinterest hole , unable to escape it?? We do! Here’s a round-up of a handful of things we found this week.
We are loving the blush and dusty blue trend that is happening– we think there is going to be a PLENTY of beautiful rose, blue, and green colors going around town this year and we aren’t mad about it. As always, loving brass accents. We’d take that powder bath in our home any day, and that cacti window garden too.
What are you pinning? Let us know your username  in the comments so we can follow you, or find us HERE.

Love, the Sisters

Featured Artist: Okiino

Featured Artist: Okiino

January 07, 2016

I first met Angeline my freshman year at Berkeley. For me it was a love at first sight. I knew I wanted to be friends with her as she has this amazing energy and incredible spirit. Our friendship grew fast and before long, we were spending all our free time together. We went on to be roommates in two different houses in Berkeley where we would throw the most amazing parties and have incredible dinner feasts with all of our friends. Angeline had a way of making incredible and exciting things happen. I’ve been watching her manifest every dream of hers since those early days, morphing into a successful entrepreneur. Whether she’s throwing down beats as A-List, consulting high-powered executives, or buying up real estate or flying across the globe to surf she’s an inspiration to me.


She has recently launched yet another dream of hers, the Okiino brand. This business venture marries some of her favorite things and as a result, her and her partners have created a beautiful brand selling high quality leggings that are designed by local artists. They will carry you through your surf session, your yoga class, or just an outing around town. They’re incredibly versatile, feel so great, and made with love and incredible attention to detail.
While there are a few surf and yoga leggings currently in the market, OKIINO’s product has the highest quality Italian 4-way stretch fabric technology, maximum UV protection, custom prints created by artists, and unique design features to truly be multi-functional in the water and on land. Plus, their products are locally made in San Francisco, and they donate a portion of the sales to non-profit partners that reflect their brand and values.
Be sure to check these ladies out on Instagram and Facebook!


Love, the Sisters

2015 In Review

2015 In Review

January 01, 2016

Wow, what a year! We had so much fun this year that wanted to share our highlights with you all!
In January Elaina started the year out with finishing up the cozy and eclectic Villa Aloha in Bali. We loved working with this super fun and adventurous client who loved big doses of color and pattern. Susanna took a trip with the gals to New York, the City that never sleeps! It was so fun to play tourist.


February we finished up the Johnson bath. This was my favorite project of the year! Loved how this bathroom turned out and we got a great response from our followers!


March was full of planning and creating, but Elaina especially loved running around with her two boys in the jungle.


May, I loved finishing up the renovation of Villa Simona! This was a blast to do.


July Susanna had an unbelievable family trip to my favorite place on earth! Yosemite. The only thing that was missing was Elaina. Elaina did have a blast though spending time with the family in Nusa Lembongan island, off the coast of Bali.


August, Elaina was so happy to get to fly back to the States to spend some quality time with my family as we celebrated our cousin’s wedding. Cheers to the best siblings a girl could ask for.


September included an East Coast Visit with Elaina. We met up in Philly to have some major catch up time and dance our hearts out at the wedding on the year!


October had the honor or styling a room for a community event and collaboration with one of our favorite local companies, Swenyo!




December we finished our Locke Fireplace. Love how this turned out and it was a great note to end the year on!


2015 was a great year and we can’t WAIT to see what 2016 has in store for us. It’s already out to a great start with rad projects so keep your eyes open!!! We can’t wait to share 2016’s work with you all.
Thank you for being apart of our Sister community, and get excited for a new look this year!

Love, the Sisters

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

December 13, 2015

Oh, the holidays! One of the few times a year where asking, or hoping, for gifts is totally acceptable. We rounded up a few of what we’re hoping is under the tree!
Susanna // 1. For our rocker chicks…I’m currently eyeing these bad gals! Obsessed and think every girl needs a shiny pair of ankle boots! 2. For our big spender, I stumbled across these jewelers on Instagram and have been stalking them daily! This ring is the best way to tell some one you love and appreciate them. 3. For the women on the go, like us Sisters, this tote will help keep your things organized! Now, if only it would keep my thoughts organized! 4.We all need power at times, right?? How adorable is this Iphone Charger! A great stocking stuffer or gift for your gal pals! 5. I just got myself a new laptop and you better believe this guy is on my list this year! Drooling!
Elaina // 6. I can’t always get what I want here in Bali. Sometimes it requires a plane ride or hitting up someone’s luggage space who is flying in. I’m running low on my signature scent and feeling anxious about it as wearing perfume is what I do everyday no matter what. This is my scent. Been moving through Fresh scents since I was in my early 20s. I seem to change every 5-7 years. I think this onemay last a bit longer. 7. I’m a huge fan of Jai Vasicek over at Ahoy Trader and his tiles make for great gifts that can fill that small little spot on the wall that needs that little something. 8. I’m a sucker for good candles. I have a sensitive sense of smell (say that ten times fast) and so when it’s a good one, it can set the mood for everything. Not only do I know the beautiful soul behind this magic but I’ve tried and tested the product and it is oh so good. I’ll have one of everything please. 9. This time of year I really start to miss home and the crisp cold air. I dream about being cold and missing my boots and sweaters. I’m obsessing over this little number soon to be on sale with my girls over at Sea and Wander. Kinda funny I dream about being cold so I can wear warm clothes to feel warmer as I sit here dripping in my own sweat from the tropical heat that is Bali right now… Doesn’t make sense! 10. I’ve always been a bit obsessed with coffee table books and I think they make for great gifts. I started following Humans of New York a while back on instagram and love all the amazing stories. A good coffee table book will interest your guests and make for some great conversation. This one is on my list for sure!
Happy shopping!! XOXO

Love, the Sisters

Ten on Ten - Susanna of 4 Corners

Ten on Ten - Susanna of 4 Corners

December 09, 2015

Wow, December 10th already!? Where has the year gone? Today is our monthly feature, Ten on Ten, which is ten photos taken on the hour on the tenth of each month. We are happy to have our very own Susanna Samaniego give us an inside look at her day!


6am.  Waking Up. I would love to tell you that I wake up and drink my water with lemon, then meditate and finish with a green juice. But the reality is I do not know how to do anything without a cup of coffee first.  My sweet man Tyler even wakes up before me and gets the pot brewing. As I stumble out of bed, no make up and ratty hair, Tyler hands me my cup and I sit on the sofa (typically with my dog Luna but she wasn’t behaving for this photo) and chat Tyler’s ear off about how I have big plans for this world and life of mine


8am. Motivation.  My cute Nikes and fabulous area rug cheering me on as I debate working out or not. If we are being honest…Some days I work out and some days, I don’t!


9am. Breakfast Time. Breakfast time before I hit the office. My new local favorite is  Better Buzz. It’s a bit trendy and I often hope I don’t run into anyone but they have GF bread and nothing makes me happier than a good avocado. Yes, that is also coffee #2.


10am.  Office Love. After breakfast I head to the office. This is when the beautiful chaos begins. I check emails, organize for the day and check in on our current projects.


11am. Sourcing. This is what I do. I find fabulous things, pick a coordinating fabric and then make it work!


12pm. Starvation.  Time to re-fuel.  A handful of our clients are in the Rancho Santa Fe and Del Sur area, therefore I find myself driving through RSF on the regular. My favorite lil cafe to stop in and have lunch is Thyme In The Ranch. Home made goodies like this Curry Ginger and Carrot soup, with a small caprese salad and yes…Coffee #3.


1pm.  More Sourcing.  Back at it! Testing driving some sofa’s. Loving this one.


2pm. I swing by the house and pick up my Luna baby for an afternoon walk of dog park run. Fur babies are the best babies. My mother wouldn’t agree with me. But Luna and Us are doing just fine!


3pm.  Back at the Office. Time to check in our concepts and looks. Re-cap and organize for the next day.


5pm.  A beach walk. To forget about the days work and reflect on the important things in life. Like, catching up on my Walking Dead episodes as soon as I get home, put my nappy Jams on and get cozy.
Good night! Thanks for following me. XO

Love, the Sisters

Sea + Wonder

Sea + Wonder

December 02, 2015

A unique and different approach to retail, where fashion meets social and helps support our community. With a flare of chic conscious living, Sea + Wander boutique offers a variety of products that meet the demand of our client’s life style. Every product is sourced with care and considered for it’s uniqueness.  We aim to partner up with companies that give back to their community.  It also features a kid area inspired by the both of the owner’s children, a space where they can explore and be creative, or enjoy reading while mom shops and socializes with other moms. They will be carrying all of our favorite brands for women, children, and your home! Elaina and I have been friends with the girls for years, and they are long time North County locals. The owners, Courtney and Maria,  have impeccable taste in all things fashion, decor and product so us sisters are beyond thrilled and excited that they have decided to team up.
They are currently looking for a permanent location to allow moms to shop while their kids are entertained. How cool is that?! They will offer kids classes, mom and baby classes, crafts, etc… All about the mom and the kid while still being fabulous! You can shop their pop up starting December 4th for the holiday and come next year, look out for these ladies and their permanent shop location!!
Xoxo and happy shopping!

Love, the Sisters

Thanksgiving in Bali

Thanksgiving in Bali

November 29, 2015

I’ve been living here in Bali with my husband and two boys for the last 7 1/2 years. Both our boys were born here so naturally we feel very tied to Bali and blessed that Bali has embraced us all these years. When we first moved to Bali we didn’t expect to stay this long but as people familiar with the island know  it has a pretty powerful pull and if you surrender to that energetic pull it will take you for an incredible journey.
Though we have been here for a long time I still feel very strongly connected to my Californian roots and not a day goes by that I don’t think of my family and miss them. My husband and I have managed to continue to celebrate certain traditions here in Bali so as to maintain those roots we have in California and remain connected. Thanksgiving being one of them.


We have had such wonderful Thanksgiving celebrations here in paradise where we gather together with all of our friends that have become our family in Bali. Yes, a handful of them are American but a bunch of them are a mix from all over the world. AND they all enjoy being invited along to eat all of the typical Thanksgiving dishes such as roasted Turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. I will admit it’s no easy feat trying to pull it all together and gather the needed ingredients but we’ve made it work and it always turns into something beautiful.
We wanted to share a glimpse into what it’s like celebrating Thanksgiving in a tropical paradise far from home. You can take the girl out of California but you can’t take California out of the girl  This year we were lucky enough to gather at a beautiful villa owned by some of our close friends (Thanks Lance and Sophie)!
I’m a strong believer in gathering family and friends together to celebrate to give thanks for all the incredible things this amazing life has blessed us with. It doesn’t matter where in the world I may be I will always preserve this tradition in giving Thanks.
We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving,

Love, the Sisters

A Thanksgiving Table

A Thanksgiving Table

November 16, 2015

It’s one of our favorite times of year and we couldn’t be happier about it. This means all the seasonal decorations come out to play, but also means lots of eating and gathering around a table to celebrate family and friends! We created this fabulous table setting to help inspire your Thanksgiving feast!
We are majorly inspired by the rich jewel tones floating around lately and it’s so easy to incorporate them in to your holiday decor. The best way to ditch the standard brand and brown is to add emeralds, turquoise, and ruby pillows and florals! Brassware is having a major moment so be sure to ditch your silverware and replace it with the sleek brass accents. Contrasting plates is another easy way to add interest to your table, and never forget the metallics! Long gone are the days of sticking to either gold or silver– add in gold, silver, AND copper! Oh, and don’t forget the candles to create that intimacy and warmth sitting around a table with the people you love brings.


Special thanks to Esther from Wallflower Inspiration for the florals. Photography by our digital content director, Kelly Fondots.

Love, the Sisters



November 12, 2015

We are thrilled to announce a fun new monthly feature for our blog, Ten on Ten. It’s as simple as posting ten pictures on the tenth of the month– One photo, every hour, for ten hours. First up in this new feature is our very own Elaina Samaniego-Myers! Here is a normal weekday for Elaina. Enjoy!


5:30 am- My morning meditation spot up on our roof. I start the day with setting my intention and watching the sun rise over the rooftops. It’s my moment before the kids wake up and the day begins.


7:30 am- Green on green. Every morning I start the day with a homemade green juice that my husband and I enjoy outside in our garden. The kids run wild before school and we have a morning catch up.


8:00am- On my weekly skype call with my sis. Today we’re discussing wall paper options for our new client’s home. We’re loving this Schumacher Queen of Spain black and white!


9:30 am- Sweating it out in the extend barre class at my Pilates studio. Love that we have this awesome workout in Bali! Bali Pilates Studio is the best.


11:00 am- I got to visit my little guy, Hudson today to observe him while in class at his Montessori preschool. I had to sit quietly in the corner and try not to distract him. Ha! Such a special break in my day.


11:45am- One of my favorite parts of what I do is getting to know the lovely people in Bali that I source from. To know them by name and to know about their lives makes work so much more meaningful. Here I am settling the bill for some goods bought for Villa Hansa.


12:30 pm- Most days I break for lunch at the super healthy and super yummy, Down to Earth Cafe. I post up, eat my biggest meal of the day, usually their tasty and always changing Planet Platter, and catch up on my computer work. Today I’m working on one of our new concepts for a new residential project in California.


1:30 pm- Out and about sourcing some goods for Villa Hansa and getting inspired by these cool Indonesian fish traps. There is nothing glamorous about souring in Bali. Most of my spots are hot, dark, dusty and dirty but you never know what amazing treasure you may find and the gorgeous people you meet along the way. Makes it so worth it!


3:30 pm- I’ve picked up my oldest son, Quinn from school and dragged him along to one more spot to find some more goods for Villa Hansa. He makes for a great sourcing companion hamming it up everywhere we go and making all the locals giggle #bringyourkidstoworkday


6:00 pm- Our day ends with an after dinner walk to the beach with the dogs. The boys love the action, the dogs get good exercise, mom and dad get to enjoy the sunset and the day winds down. Happy Family.
Thanks for taking a peek at my day! Find more on Instagram, here.

Love, the Sisters

4 Corners X Swenyo

4 Corners X Swenyo

November 03, 2015

We were thrilled when Swenyo reached out to us to be one of four designers, picked to style a bedroom based around their products and our personal vibe. Swenyo is another awesome local company here in Southern California, their product offering is a combination of Swenyo-exclusive products designed by them as well as a hand-picked selection of curated products from a variety of brands around the world.
Swenyo gave us the challenge of mixing their modern and minimalist furnishings with a bohemian/eclectic look. The objective was to show how their unique furnishings could be used in different context or environments. Our inspiration was heavily influenced by our own bohemian style that we are known for, as well as throwing some jungalow style (yes, that’s a thing!! and it’s awesome, more on that later) in to the mix. The person who lived in this so-called “loft” of ours, Her name was Claire. This loft was located in NY. This was Claire’s first space out of college, all on her own. She is originally from California and studied photography at NYU. Now that she is on her own she wanted a space that reflected her free spirit and love of travel, and photography!
We had a blast styling this space with the help of the awesome Swenyo teamand are completely satisfied with how it turned out, a total boho loft oasis!

Love, the Sisters

Current Crush: Anna Beck

Current Crush: Anna Beck

July 30, 2015

(Elaina) I first met Becky about 7 years ago, I had recently moved to Bali and was put in touch with her via a friend to help her decorate her Villa. I remember thinking she was so full of life and had such an amazing vision, not just with her jewelry but with everything she did. I was in awe of her talent as a jewelry designer, still am. Her jewelry is timeless and makes you feel so feminine.
When we started her project she knew exactly what she liked and disliked. What started out as a client relationship, quickly grew into a close friendship that has grown over the years. Becky was one of our first clients where I felt so at ease and really enjoyed working with her. We had so much fun running all over Bali sourcing amazing pieces and turning her Villa into a beautiful home. She reminded me why I love what I do so much and how intimate of an experience it is to design someone’s home. To see the personal transformation they go through in creating a space that makes them happy and is a reflection of their life. I see her as a friend for life, an auntie to my boys and of course one of the most amazing jewelry designers today. I’m usually always wearing something Ana Beck, so should you!


What inspires you? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I am inspired by life around me and constant change in my environment. Whether I am spending my afternoon in Venice Beach or taking a trip somewhere, I am always gathering inspiration.


In a few sentences how would you describe your style?

My style is primarily classic with a little bit of edge and sometimes a dash of something bohemian. I am generally very relaxed but I also really love a chic and tailored look.


What does good design mean to you?

Good design is something that is well-made, has a unique feel yet timeless. A good design is something that can be invested in due to it’s versatility and knowing I will have it for many years to come.


When and how did you first find your passion for the jewelry world?

My passion for jewelry evolved over 20 years ago as a student in Nepal. I studied abroad there doing an internship with a local silversmith where I made my first pair of lapis earrings.


What do you love most about your career/passion?

What I love most is that it’s always changing and it stems from my own creative journey. I am inspired by all of the amazing women that become connected to the brand and the stories they share with me.


Who would be your dream client to design for?

Isabel Marant, my favorite French designer. I admire her style and her story. Her designs are very chic, eclectic and edgy but still maintain a relaxed and free spirit energy. City girl meets a free spirited traveler.


How do you typically start your day?

Normally I begin with 20-30min of meditation then I will spend some time journaling while I indulge in a coffee and snuggles with my dog, Lucy.


How do you typically end your day?

I find that I unwind best by reading a good book and relaxing in the tub.


What do you love most about the city you live in?

I love the diversity of cultures and that every neighborhood has a very distinct feel. Many people view LA as a large city but when you look at all of the different areas, it’s really the perfect balance between city and nature. You can experience so many different things in just one place.


Where is your most favorite place to travel and why?

I have so many favorites but I would say Bali, Indonesia because it still feels like home after living there for 5 years. It’s a place where I have discovered a lot but there is still so much to explore and uncover.


What was the best piece of advice given to you when you were first getting started?

Not to quit my day job and test the market out. I learned the industry by getting into it wholesale sales and learning about different markets. By not quitting my day job I was able to expand my knowledge about the industry until I was ready to launch my business and fully do my own thing.


What’s the best piece of advice would you give to someone starting off in the jewelery business?

Create something that’s unique and recognizable but that’s distinctly yours. Find your signature look that others will recognize. Create a brand that is distinctly you and easily decipherable.


What is your favorite go to product at the moment?

Right now I would say, Lotus Love Beauty. I love their coconut & verbena candles & bath products. I love her products and can’t get enough of them.


What is your astrological sign?



What are you most proud of?

I would have to say the women that buy and collect Anna Beck. I love that they buy and invest in themselves. I’m also proud of our involvement with Bumi Sehat, our Bali based charity that we continue to work with. They provide free healthcare for expectant mothers in Bali and other places in Southeast Asia.


What projects are you currently working on?

I am creating a new necklace for Bumi Sehat where all of the profits will go to help expectant mothers in Nepal that have been affected by the recent earthquakes.


What’s next for you? What’s your future looking like?

Creating capsule collections that expand into lifestyle and branching into other product categories.


You can follow Becky and keep up with all things Anna Beck on annabeck.comInstagramFacebook,Pinterest and Twitter.

Love, the Sisters

The Sisters Featured on Cleobella!

The Sisters Featured on Cleobella!

March 23, 2015



Love, the Sisters

4Corners Office Tour

4Corners Office Tour

February 27, 2015

Stylish DecoratorCactus HouseStylish WorkspaceGold Hanging TerrariumMoodboardMoodboardArea RugRoses on DeskCute BenchSusanna Cactus

Earlier this year we moved into our bungalow-style studio located near the beach in Encinitas, CA and it’s where we work when we’re in San Diego. We keep the vibe relaxed and cozy, a typical day starts with lighting some candles, turning on the music and brewing a pot of coffee. With it’s natural light and ocean view our bungalow is the perfect space to work on projects and gather inspiration!

Love, the Sisters