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Current Crush: Anna Beck

Current Crush: Anna Beck

July 30, 2015

(Elaina) I first met Becky about 7 years ago, I had recently moved to Bali and was put in touch with her via a friend to help her decorate her Villa. I remember thinking she was so full of life and had such an amazing vision, not just with her jewelry but with everything she did. I was in awe of her talent as a jewelry designer, still am. Her jewelry is timeless and makes you feel so feminine.
When we started her project she knew exactly what she liked and disliked. What started out as a client relationship, quickly grew into a close friendship that has grown over the years. Becky was one of our first clients where I felt so at ease and really enjoyed working with her. We had so much fun running all over Bali sourcing amazing pieces and turning her Villa into a beautiful home. She reminded me why I love what I do so much and how intimate of an experience it is to design someone’s home. To see the personal transformation they go through in creating a space that makes them happy and is a reflection of their life. I see her as a friend for life, an auntie to my boys and of course one of the most amazing jewelry designers today. I’m usually always wearing something Ana Beck, so should you!


What inspires you? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I am inspired by life around me and constant change in my environment. Whether I am spending my afternoon in Venice Beach or taking a trip somewhere, I am always gathering inspiration.


In a few sentences how would you describe your style?

My style is primarily classic with a little bit of edge and sometimes a dash of something bohemian. I am generally very relaxed but I also really love a chic and tailored look.


What does good design mean to you?

Good design is something that is well-made, has a unique feel yet timeless. A good design is something that can be invested in due to it’s versatility and knowing I will have it for many years to come.


When and how did you first find your passion for the jewelry world?

My passion for jewelry evolved over 20 years ago as a student in Nepal. I studied abroad there doing an internship with a local silversmith where I made my first pair of lapis earrings.


What do you love most about your career/passion?

What I love most is that it’s always changing and it stems from my own creative journey. I am inspired by all of the amazing women that become connected to the brand and the stories they share with me.


Who would be your dream client to design for?

Isabel Marant, my favorite French designer. I admire her style and her story. Her designs are very chic, eclectic and edgy but still maintain a relaxed and free spirit energy. City girl meets a free spirited traveler.


How do you typically start your day?

Normally I begin with 20-30min of meditation then I will spend some time journaling while I indulge in a coffee and snuggles with my dog, Lucy.


How do you typically end your day?

I find that I unwind best by reading a good book and relaxing in the tub.


What do you love most about the city you live in?

I love the diversity of cultures and that every neighborhood has a very distinct feel. Many people view LA as a large city but when you look at all of the different areas, it’s really the perfect balance between city and nature. You can experience so many different things in just one place.


Where is your most favorite place to travel and why?

I have so many favorites but I would say Bali, Indonesia because it still feels like home after living there for 5 years. It’s a place where I have discovered a lot but there is still so much to explore and uncover.


What was the best piece of advice given to you when you were first getting started?

Not to quit my day job and test the market out. I learned the industry by getting into it wholesale sales and learning about different markets. By not quitting my day job I was able to expand my knowledge about the industry until I was ready to launch my business and fully do my own thing.


What’s the best piece of advice would you give to someone starting off in the jewelery business?

Create something that’s unique and recognizable but that’s distinctly yours. Find your signature look that others will recognize. Create a brand that is distinctly you and easily decipherable.


What is your favorite go to product at the moment?

Right now I would say, Lotus Love Beauty. I love their coconut & verbena candles & bath products. I love her products and can’t get enough of them.


What is your astrological sign?



What are you most proud of?

I would have to say the women that buy and collect Anna Beck. I love that they buy and invest in themselves. I’m also proud of our involvement with Bumi Sehat, our Bali based charity that we continue to work with. They provide free healthcare for expectant mothers in Bali and other places in Southeast Asia.


What projects are you currently working on?

I am creating a new necklace for Bumi Sehat where all of the profits will go to help expectant mothers in Nepal that have been affected by the recent earthquakes.


What’s next for you? What’s your future looking like?

Creating capsule collections that expand into lifestyle and branching into other product categories.


You can follow Becky and keep up with all things Anna Beck on annabeck.comInstagramFacebook,Pinterest and Twitter.

Love, the Sisters